Run Dino Run - Combining NFTs with mobile gaming

Incorporating NFTs into Run Dino Run mobile game and providing players an opportunity to own their own

The team at Inbas Studio is proud to introduce a mobile game which combines the power of NFTs and the blockchain to create a unique experience where the community comes first. Players are able to play to earn in the mobile game ecosystem. With the newly minted NFTs, players are able to access special in-game bonuses and features that are only available to community members.

A parallel world exists in the metaverse where dinosaurs are well alive and roaming the Earth. With the Run Dino Run NFT, it is an exclusive invitation for players to join this parallel world. Players will be playing as Daddy Dino who lost his young Dino during the migration from Gondwanaland to LandBeforeTime and it would be a long journey of traversing across the entire planet till the young Dino is found.

This initial launch will feature only 10,000 unique tokens of procedurally generated art. The Run Dino Run Dinos NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain. All it takes for users to mint the Run Dino Run Dinos NTFs is just an Ethereum wallet in the MetaMask with enough ETH to cover the cost of minting and current gas prices. There are also future plans to add new NFTs and goodies for the community.

“Our team members that have worked in digital marketing for over a decade and managed countless creative and successful marketing campaigns over the years, hope to use their experience and expertise to help expand the reach and exposure of Run Dino Run Dinos NFTs” said a spokesperson for the company. “This will help more people to get the opportunity to get their hands on their very own NFTs while increasing the demand for the Dinos owned by early adopters.”

The current community pool is starting off with 10 ETH and it’ll grow even larger with 25% of royalties also being added to the pool. The fund will be used to support the RDR Dinos community by funding prizes for art contests as well as creating new NFTs for the community. In addition to that, part of the royalties will also be given to a charitable cause chosen by the community. Another biggest upgrade would be a new multiplayer mode that will allow players to race each other.
About Inbas Studio

Inbas Studio are creators of mobile games such as Run Dino Run and Space Tracks. Our aim is to tie up mobile games with NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) to help players earn money while playing games.

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