Royalty-Free Music Supplier NEO Sounds Switches to Elasticsearch

New Elasticsearch-powered search system accommodates synonyms, typos, and other fuzziness, making it even easier to find the perfect track in the company's huge catalog, NEO Sounds reports

NEO Sounds Ltd., one of the world's leading suppliers of royalty free music, is switching to Elasticsearch. The new Elasticsearch-based search service will make it even easier to filter through the vast NEO Sounds collection of production music and similar assets and to take advantage of the company's flexible, accommodating music licensing scheme.

NEO Sounds clients pay a low, one-time fee for generous rights to use a particular piece of royalty-free music in any kind of media or project forever thereafter. By automatically recognizing and accounting for synonyms, typos, and other common sources of search-related difficulties, the new Elasticsearch-powered system will make the company's huge catalog of music even more accessible.

"We're proud to announce that our clients can now search our full catalog with our brand-new, Elasticsearch-based system," NEO Sounds representative Jonathan Brooks said, "Elasticsearch has proved its worth in some of the most demanding enterprise environments, and it is also a great fit for the usage patterns of our customers. Whether by recognizing that a synonym for a word would return some interesting results or automatically compensating for typos, this powerful new system is already making it even easier to see what we have to offer."

In the late 1990s, a software engineer named Doug Cutting wrote and released in open-source form a Java-based search system that was one of the first of its kind. Adopted into the Apache Foundation's family of products, that low-level Lucene search software was eventually leveraged by others to produce more polished and feature-rich enterprise-ready products.

Elasticsearch is the best known of these and also the single most popular enterprise-scale search system at the present time. With a proven mix of performance and search-enhancing power, the system has a long, demonstrated record of helping users find exactly what they are looking for in even the largest collections.

By adopting Elasticsearch as its own search solution, NEO Sounds builds further on the accessibility, flexibility, and value that have made it such a popular source of royalty free music. With a huge catalog to select from, NEO Sounds offers every piece under a simple music licensing arrangement that delivers virtually unlimited usage rights for a single, low fee.

With the new Elasticsearch system now in place, NEO Sounds clients will enjoy even greater accessibility and better-tuned results as they search for production music and other royalty-free assets. Whether for podcasters, film producers, broadcasters, game developers or anyone else seeking royalty-free music on flexible, affordable terms, the single best source has become even better.

About NEO Sounds Ltd.:
With a simple music licensing solution that fits a huge range of needs, NEO Sounds offers a vast catalog of royalty-free tracks, each available for a single low fee that allows for unlimited use.

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