ROUTERS INFO Publishes Best Buy Table To Rank The Best Wireless Routers For Gaming understands that gaming requires high-speed, highly consistent data transfer to create a seamless experience, and has created a new page to look at the best gaming routers on the market.

Communication in the 21st century is dependent on devices that mediate our connection to the internet, known as routers. Like many home essentials, from boilers to freezers, the router is only really noticed when something has gone wrong, which is when people understand the value of a high quality router. ROUTERS INFO is an online resource center reviewing routers for different specific uses, and has just created a new section to analyze which is the best gaming router currently available, listing their results in a new league table.

The ROUTERS INFO table describes the top five routers for gaming in the marketplace today, with Netgear and Asus receiving two nods respectively with the fifth place taken by Linksys. Each listing comes with vital statistics including customer ratings, weight, price and warranty. There are also fully comprehensive reviews that can be read by clicking the item title.

The league table gives gamers an immediate, at-a-glance overview of the most important routers available, and tells a clear story about the relationship between price and quality not always being directly linked- the number 2 rated router is also the cheapest, making it dollar-for-dollar the best wireless router for gaming.

A spokesperson for ROUTERS INFO explained, “We found that in real performance tests the ASUS RT-N66U, available for just over a hundred dollars, achieved similar results to NETGEAR Nighthawk X6, but for a hundred dollars cheaper. Those who want the ultimate experience and are willing to pay whatever it takes can purchase the Nighthawk and know they have the highest performing router, but most gamers can be thrilled with the performance they receive from a mid-budget item. This is why it is important to run independent tests with real gaming hours, because ASUS’ own more expensive router didn’t perform as well under pressure. It’s an illuminating fact.”

About ROUTERS INFO: ROUTERSINFO’s principal intent is to help consumers with the right choice of a wireless router by sharing regularly updated accurate information and honest reviews of different reputable brands, and their latest product releases. The site is run by a committed team of experts in the wireless communications field, helping consumers make informed buying choices.

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