Roughneck Rabbits NFT Project Deemed the Most Controversial NFT Drop of 2022 Already

Roughneck Rabbits is a super fun project with massive giveaways during mint, ongoing post-mint gamification, cash jackpots, and NFTs giveaways. Their exclusive token's minting will start and open to the public on the January 11th, 2022.

Roughnecks is an emerging NFT project that is all about having fun & great adventures, inspired by all the fantastic experiences, amazing parties & legendary memories that are born out of gigantic nights out with friends. It aims to create a fun-loving NFT community.

In a recent development, Roughneck Rabbits have announced their most controversial NFT Drop of 2022 whose minting is planned to start and open to the public on the 11th Jan 2022. Along with the minting, they are also presenting the following giveaways to their holders:

The said NFT – project comes with numerous exclusive services for its valuable holders. For instance, Gigantic Pub Quizzes, where the holder can mint every Sunday night for eight weeks, run a huge cash prize of pub trivia quizzes that they think will be super fun for the community.

Then comes the Insane $5K Ethereum; for the first eight weeks of their Sunday night pub quizzes, there will be a total of $5000 worth of ETH up for grabs. It will come with five lucky prize winners per quiz night.

Moreover, holders post mint and part of their pub quizzes nights for the first eight weeks in Massive Raffle. They will also be holding a raffle for all the members that joined in the fun & giving away NFT airdrops. They also have the very first NFT V-tube channel on YouTube, where crypto enthusiasts can easily visit and learn more about the NFT project.

In Mega Royalties Jackpot, ongoing, they will continue the fun & games & bring the community together so that every Sunday Night, pub quizzes will be held, with 10% of the weekly royalties up for grabs.

Moving forward, they want to bring the Roughneck community together for some epic Vegas parties. It is a crucial benefit & looking to make these legendary events. They will also get the substantially limited merch drops, where they will be doing one-off, limited edition runs of merch so clients can represent their great community in style.

Furthermore, Roughneck Rabbit is about fun and gaming, but they also earn for a good cause, such as donating a sizable portion of their mint to WWF Australia. It is one of the most trusted & respected conservation organizations in the world. They work in Australia and their Asia-Pacific backyard to protect endangered species and habitats, meet the challenge of climate change, and build a world where people live in harmony with nature.

Determined crypto-enthusiasts can visit the official website for better understanding of Roughneck Rabbits. Join Twitter and Discord to connect.

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