Rotational Molding Company Provides Curb Appeal

An Ohio rotational molding company has a solution for unsightly and potentially dangerous under the sidewalk curb drains.

According the US Census bureau more than 127 million homes are occupied in the United States. Many homeowners quickly learn of the maintenance up keep that goes along with owning a home. While many understand the common everyday tasks that are required such as cleaning the house, cutting grass, changing furnace filters and many other never-ending tasks that come with the responsibilities of owning a home, an often overlooked issue is rainwater and downspouts. Prior to the 1960s, a majority of homes were built with water management systems that drained directly into the municipal storm sewer system. In many parts of the country, laws have changed, making these types of systems illegal as the municipalities found that the systems were undersized and overloaded. In some instances the sewage treatment plants could not accommodate for the amount of runoff water that flowed into the system, discharging tons of untreated sewage into lakes and streams in the area. Many of these lakes and streams were also sources of drinking water for the areas affected, posing a serious health threat for the inhabitants.

In more recent years many home builders and contractors have elected to take the downspouts of homes underground, running a long drain line typically under the grass and under the sidewalk and out thru the face of the curb. For years, homebuilders and contractors alike have resorted to cutting PVC piping at an angle and bringing it thru the face of the curb. When the seasons change, the thermal expansion and contraction of the PVC greatly differs from the concrete it is encapsulated in, thus eventually separating the PVC and the concrete. This allows for the PVC pipe with the angle cut in it to become a potential safety or liability hazard. Accidents such as cutting of a foot, ankle or leg, possibly puncturing a tire and the general unsightliness of the concrete and PVC separation are all common reasons to use a PVC curb drain alternative.

One Ohio-based rotational molding company has developed an attractive solution that provides curb appeal to your home, offering a better alternative to the curb drain issues created by simply cutting PVC piping. The J Drain Curb Drain by Granger Plastics offers a safer, longer lasting and better performing curb drain option over the cut angle PVC pipe options most commonly used. Currently Granger Plastics manufactures and offers the curb drain for rolled back curb options. In volume applications, Granger could fabricate the tooling necessary to produce curb drains for most any other profiles.

Granger’s curb drain is rapidly growing in demand. While the curb drains have seen numerous uses in commercial applications, Granger has learned that a growing number of housing developments in states such as California and Georgia have recently included curb drains to be specified for use on all homes built within the developments.

For more information about Curb Drains, please visit or contact Granger Plastics Company at 513-424-1955. Granger Plastics Company, a division of Granger Industries is a rotational molding company located in Middletown, OH providing custom rotational molding services and proprietary products such as the weight-mates, which recently made news headlines about helping to keep pick-up trucks on the road in inclement winter weather. Learn more about Granger Plastics Company by visiting Granger Industries also includes ForeverSafe™ Products, Granger Aerospace Products and America’s leading Storm Shelter, the Granger ISS.

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