Roof Tarp Solution’s Founder and CEO Reveals the Process They Used and Services They Provide.

Skilled and well-versed Florida roofer explains the process of their solutions.

Christian Santana, founder and CEO of Roof Tarp Solutions shared how they perform temporary solutions for homeowners and businesses that are suffering from any type of water intrusion. He found his passion for restoration after being involved for so many years in the construction industry.

He said that when he first started, it was not easy at all. “It was definitely an uphill battle,” according to Christian. “Luckily, throughout the way, I found a great quality of mentors that have led me to where I am today.” He said that growing up with a family where both parents work hard until this date is an awesome contributing experience.

Christian said that Roof Tarp Solutions’ “shrink wrapping” process is heat-durable material. It is designed to withhold the weather conditions in the beautiful tropical state of Florida. According to him, any amount of water sipping through roofs and into the ceiling of homes will start to create molds from the sheetrock or drywall, which could be hazardous for families. “I find myself to be like an artist once results come out and clients are amazed by the outcome,” Christian said.        

Christian is a former pro Athlete and was very quiet to himself then throughout the years he built to where he is today. One piece of advice he keeps on telling himself is that “there is always another day to go after your dreams and goals.” His prime motivation is his family.
“My daily routine includes early gym workouts, praying, then listening to audiobooks on the way to the office,” Christian said. He further added, “The three things I say would be; listen, find mentorship, and invest in your business future.”

About Roof Tarp Solutions
Roof Tarp Solutions is Florida’s premier commercial and residential tarp roofing company. They also conduct roof inspection for new residential and commercial buildings where they provide an honest evaluation after a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior factors.

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