Ron Skaggs Reveals That a Favorable Career as a Casino Dealer Takes Much More Than Just Flipping Cards

Casino Etiquette Gains Higher Tips and Customer Loyalty

Just like any job in the entertainment industry, the service and performance of the position yield respect and reward. As for casino dealers, their performance is always under speculation of the casino and the betters, which can be daunting. It is understandable because of the copious amounts of money at hand. Casino dealing is a very niche position that requires a specific learned skill set, yet is highly desired among well-respected casinos. The benefits and opportunities that come along with this position have made it a favorable career.

Being a casino dealer is not easy by any means. Becoming a dealer takes a particular state-of-mind and skill set. Most all casinos require dealers to have an education and background in casino etiquette and card dealing. Upon education, dealers must understand that their performance is always under the surveillance of the casino as well as the watchful eyes of betters because the dealer is essentially handling the money. This means that dealers must be honest and appear perfect when performing. This is why an education in the field is so important. Dealers must understand the proper behavior and what is expected of their performance.

“Casino dealing is a refined art that is held with high regard. In order to be a respectable dealer, it is important to understand all the ins and outs of the games and culture,” says Ron Skaggs owner of Denver Bartending and Casino College. “It is important to us that our students leave our facility with everything they need to know to enter the field in a full-fledged position,” Skaggs goes on to say.

On the flip side, casinos offer a great deal of benefits. Dealers have a great chance to earn large tips on top of hourly pay, health benefits, paid time off, and company perks. Tips should not be expected, but a pleasant surprise. Not all betters will tip, but upon a big win, many betters have been known to be incredibly generous to their dealer. This is how dealers can gain a relationship with their betters. Many betters maintain a “loyalty” when they feel they can trust their dealer. It has been said that anything from a few dollars to a percentage of the winner’s earnings have been earned by a dealer. Large casino chains and cruise lines offer opportunities for dealers to travel the world.

For anyone that is interested in becoming a casino dealer, or just wanting to learn more about gambling, the Denver Bartending and Casino College offers intensive, affordable courses. The college understands the importance of casino education and etiquette needed to be successful.


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