Roland Dickey Jr. Comments On Smoke Stack Big Data Approach To Business Improvement

Roland Dickey Jr. has overseen the rollout of big data analysis across the 500 branches of his Dickey’s BARBECUE franchise, and has commented on the potential of big data for improving big business.

IBM has predicted that big data will be the biggest boom industry of the decade, worth billions of dollars by 2020. This is because the capability to analyze every single behavior has been made possible by computers able to record the data and processors powerful enough to analyze it. Many businesses are considering the potential of Big Data, and Dickey’s BARBECUE CEO Roland Dickey Jr. is an early advocate, having overseen the design of a custom big data engine to analyze the opportunities for growth within his Texas barbeque franchise. Dickey Jr. claims it will be a gateway to new prosperity and growth for one of the fastest growing chains in the US.

The new big data analysis engine has been dubbed Smoke Stack, which draws information from every point of sale system across all 500 branches of Dickey’s BARBECUE franchise, combining it with contextual data about promotions and inventory figures to identify food purchasing patterns, trends and downturns so they can be addressed and optimized by a strategic team.

Roland Dickey Jr. has been said to be enthusiastic about the new Big Data approach to business, using powerful processors and professional analysts to crunch the numbers and give the business the most detailed and informed insights as to areas for potential growth and greater success.

A spokesperson for Roland Dickey Jr explained, “Big data is a misleading term, because it’s actually about spotting the micro trends within the macro overview, and making small tweaks to processes and identifying areas for further exploitation, incrementally increasing business efficiency and turnover in many areas to create a significant aggregated result. Roland is excited about the potential for Smoke Stack to revolutionize the way we do business, and continues to support the Dickeys’ team in pursuing 21st century approaches to delivering this traditional barbecue fare.”

About Roland Dickey Jr.: Roland Dickey Jr. is the CEO of family owned restaurant franchise Dickey’s BARBECUE. Under Roland’s tenure, the business grew from 27 to 500 stores inside ten years. Roland is now a frequent speaker on the business conference circuit, and is continuing to lead his company through the 21st century with the latest business strategies and technological approaches.

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