Roemerman Law P.C. Helps Clients Find Debt Relief Through True Zero-Down Bankruptcy Filing

In current times of financial uncertainty, Roemerman Law P.C. is leading the way to help clients relieve their debt through the true zero-down bankruptcy filing.

Roemerman Law P.C., a New York-based bankruptcy law firm, is dedicated to providing a zero-down Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing service to help clients get a fresh start from their overwhelming debts.

Chapter 7 covers most unsecured debts like credit card debt, utility bills, and medical bills. It is open to those residing in New York City, including Queens, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas. Those interested can visit to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

“Collectively, Americans owe about $14 trillion to various lenders. These debts can be overwhelming, especially during the pandemic where we see an increasing number of failed businesses, job loss, and high medical bills,” said a spokesperson from Roemerman Law.

“Many people are stressed out by these loans and have no idea what to do. In many cases, talking to a qualified attorney is the best solution to find debt relief. Many people are not aware of this, but loan modifications, debt settlement, and filing for bankruptcy are all well within legal options to get out of debt and start fresh.”

At Roemerman Law, clients will start with an assessment of their financial situation. Next, a professional bankruptcy attorney in New York City will provide solid legal advice, offering the best possible options for the client’s financial situation. Following this, we help them file for bankruptcy and navigate the process. Finally, the law firm will help the client weather the next financial storm by entering them into the 720 Credit Score program, at no extra charge, to help rebuild their credit quickly.

Founded by David Roemerman, the firm aims to become New York’s most helpful bankruptcy law firm. It all started after a lawyer friend asked him to help some homeowners in a neighborhood to save their homes from a fraudulent developer and foreclosure by several mortgage-backed securities. While helping these homeowners, David realized this was a severely underrepresented market. He felt that too few homeowners had proper legal representation, if any, and pivoted his practice to serving homeowners in the fight to save their homes from foreclosure.

Since then, Roemerman Law has helped many real people find solutions to real-life problems. The firm then expanded its practice areas to include bankruptcy, helping people overcome their financial woes and obtain a fresh start in life.

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About Roemerman Law

Founded in 2016, Roemerman Law is a New York professional corporation (P.C.) founded by former Wall Street derivatives attorney David Roemerman after leaving Morgan Stanley. The firm aims to become New York’s most helpful bankruptcy law firm and offers free legal consultation to help people with their financial situations.

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