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RobotBox has prepared and released a comprehensive comparison of the various robotic vacuum cleaners. The specific models are the 860, 870, 880, 890, 960 and 980. and Peter Lewis are pleased to announce the release of an informative article which provides a comprehensive Roomba comparison. Since 2002 when the first in a series of robotic pool cleaners was released, Roomba has been improving their features with the latest technology. The goal is to provide reliable and hassle-free cleaning. Each cleaner comes with a different cleaning technology to suit different user needs. iRobot is a US company which is a leading brand in the design and building of robots.

Each of the iRobot models which are compared in the article features the latest technologies and inventions. A comparison chart presents the models in a concise and easily identifiable format. Some of the features which are compared and contrasted include the navigation technology, vacuuming technology, entire level cleaning, wi-fi support, filtration technology, carpet boost mode and edge cleaning mode.

A full bin indicator and debris extractor, as well as Visual Localization, iRobot® XLife™ Extended Life Battery and spot clean features are available in some of the models. Some of the features are available in each of the compared models. For example, the full bin indicator is available in all the Roomba models but is more advanced in the 960 and 980. All Roomba models are equipped with a full one-year warranty. Roomba robot vacuum cleaners have three navigation devices. They are Virtual Walls, Virtual Wall Lighthouses, and Dual-Mode Virtual Wall Barriers. The article contains an explanation of each of the navigation technology options.

According to the article, picking the best Roomba is narrowed to the Roomba 980 vs. 960. These two are the most advanced in the series. The key features to review when shopping for a Roomba include connectivity, Carpet Boost mode navigation technology and so on. For most customers, sticking to the budget is important. A careful review of the options prevents overspending. The more features which the appliance has, the higher the price

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