Robert “Rusty” Tweed of Tweed Economics Reveals Best Real Estate Investment Markets in United States

Rusty Tweed is announcing the publication of his recent article revealing the best real estate markets for ROI in the US. The article is currently available to readers via Tweed Economics, a digital publication devoted to covering a wide range of subjects pertaining to economics.

Robert Tweed, the financial services expert behind Tweed Economics, is announcing the release of his digital publication’s selections for this year’s best real estate investment markets in the United States. Tweed’s digital publishing platform features articles spanning a wide range of subjects -- finance, the housing market, investments, market indicators, and more -- but his annual list of the best real estate investment markets in the country is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated articles among regular readers of Tweed Economics.

The article, titled “Balancing Real Estate Investment Risk and Reward: 2017’s Best Markets for ROI,” is currently available to readers through Despite the broad interest in this and other articles published by Tweed Economics, the digital platform is free to anyone interested and its founder has repeatedly expressed his desire to never restrict access to his publication behind a paywall of any kind.

“It brings me a great deal of pride that my team and I have the opportunity to share this information with readers of Tweed Economics, and we are certainly grateful that there is such widespread interest in the valuable information we include in every article we publish,” said Tweed, who also goes by 'Rusty,' his longtime nickname. “Because of the value inherent in the information we share, we feel it is especially critical that we make every article readily available to anyone interested in becoming a more educated investor.”

In the article, Tweed and his team review the five best real estate investment markets based on a number of factors relevant to investors seeking sound short- and long-term ROI. The article explains the systematic, data-driven process behind the selection of each individual market while also discussing the importance of properly weighing the various potential risks and rewards. Tweed and his team ultimately reveal the cities of Dallas, Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Seattle as 2017’s best real estate investment markets for ROI.

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Robert “Rusty” Tweed is the founder of Tweed Economics, a digital publication devoted to subjects that span the full breadth of the economic spectrum. Tweed, a prominent financial services expert, is based out of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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