RitaVPN Offers Complete, Unfettered Freedom to Surf the Internet with Encrypted Private VPN

RitaVPN is offering solutions to all internet censoring and restriction obstacles with a wide range of features and budget prices.

November 4, 2019 – RitaVPN is pleased to announce its new VPN service that offers sound solutions to all internet censoring and restriction obstacles with a wide range of features and budget prices.

With RitaVPN, users can unblock websites anywhere around the world. If social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are blocked in the user’s geography or restricted, RitaVPN can be used to unblock the services. RitaVPN opens up a vast world of resources otherwise kept under the hood – news, sports, social media, streaming videos, and unblocked geography specific content with no censors or limits to bandwidth.

Users can surf in public wi-fi zones too. A strong encryption allows it to be used in public networks as well. Any user data or content, such as related to emails, photos, social media passwords, online bank accounts, etc., is encrypted and then sent across the internet. Thus there is no fear of hacking in places like cafes, airports or colleges.

RitaVPN can also get around “geo blocking”. Geo blocking bars some geographies in the world from using a service or offers only restricted access. Sites like Netflix or Hulu aren’t available everywhere. With RitaVPN, any user can access these service like a normal user. RitaVPN changes your IP address to bypass the geo-restriction so that you can unblock websites and defeat censorship.

“It takes only one click to start using RitaVPN. There is complete anonymity and safety for the user due to data encryption. Anyone on any platform or OS can install and get open access to all of the internet,” says Kenna from RitaVPN.
RitaVPN comes with a free trial offer available via watching ads. Users can also enjoy the do-not-log-online activity feature. Up to 4 devices can be connected simultaneously in the network, and the service offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.
For more information, please visit: https://www.ritavpn.com/

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