Rimantas Releases Local Trade Copier Version 2.3: Comes With Bug Fixes and New Features

Rimantas Petrauskas, creator of Local Trade Copier and several other Forex apps, has recently released an updated Local Trade Copier version 2.3.


After the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) upgrade, several problems were identified with the Local Trade Copier. After months of bug fixing and testing, Rimantas has finally released Local Trade Copier 2.3 that not only addresses the identified problems, but also offers several additional features that were found missing in the previous version of Local Trade Copier.

MT4 Trade Copier is used by Forex account managers as well as retail Forex traders to copy trades between multiple MetaTrader accounts. This enables the Forex trader to focus on trading the master account whereas the Trade Copier copies those trades and performs similar trading actions on the slave accounts.

After the problem fixes, Local Trade Copier 2.3 now supports multiple Client Expert Advisors (EA) on the same MT4 account. Additional trade copying features have also been included. For instance, Forex traders can now copy traders from multiple master accounts to a single slave account with different risk options for every master account.

After the MT4 upgrade, some Forex traders found the former version of Local Trade Copier copying duplicate trades in the Client EA. This happened because the broker displayed a timeout error causing the Client EA to copy the trade multiple times, resulting in duplicate trades. The timeout error was false and the issue has been fixed in Local Trade Copier 2.3.

Local Trade Copier 2.3 has a changed working directory, which is also displayed in the dashboard, making it simple for traders to find files used by the Local Trade Copier to exchange information between master and slave accounts. Previously, the Temporary Files folder was used by the Local Trade Copier to exchange this information. On reboot, the VPS servers would clean the folder. Now, the problem has been resolved due to allocation of another folder for storing the exchange information.

To switch to Local Trade Copier 2.3, Forex traders must install it across every MT4 platform that they use, starting from the master account with the new Server Expert Advisor (EA) followed by the slave accounts with the new Client EA.

The new LTC now comes with a special bonus eBook "The Definitive Guide To Forex Trade Copying". Reading this eBook is a perfect way to learn forex copy trading.

Rimantas Petrauskas welcomes queries and questions relating to the Local Trade Copier version 2.3 at the following web address: http://www.mt4copier.com/contact

Contact Info:
Name: Rimantas
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Organization: EA-Coder.com
Address: Vilniaus 53, Ziezmariai, Lithuania
Website: http://www.mt4copier.com/

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