Riedon Resistors Opens Up Cutting-Edge Customization Program to All

New option gives clients of all kinds access to customized resistive solutions that spring from company's impressive problem-solving skills, Riedon reports

Riedon Resistors, one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of resistive electrical components, now offers all its customers the option of specifying custom resistors. Whether for relatively minor modifications like adding custom-formed leads, or for fully customized resistor designs that account for the most challenging requirements, Riedon clients enjoy fast turn-around times and the consistently high quality that the company is known for. Since its founding in 1960, Riedon has stood at the cutting edge of the resistive solutions industry and now employs over 130 team members worldwide, counting among its clients organizations ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to small, dynamic startups.

"We're happy to announce that we now offer custom resistive solutions to all of our clients," Riedon Global Vice President Frieda Hovsepian said, "For well over 50 years, Riedon has been building up an organization-wide mastery of these technologies, and our customers can now take advantage of the finely honed problem-solving skills that have developed as a result. From fully customized temperature-sensing resistors for demanding flow-instrument applications to simple tweaks to our catalog products, we are eager and ready to deliver exactly what our clients need."

As one of only a handful of basic types of passive electronic components, a resistor makes it more difficult for electrical current to pass through a circuit, producing heat as it does so. This straightforward functionality turns out to have an almost infinite variety of actual applications, from the use of variable resistors to control volume levels in home-audio amplifiers to the warming of delicate, temperature-sensitive sensors and other parts in high-end scientific gear.

Since 1960, Riedon has worked closely with customers in a wide range of industries and across the world to develop and provide the resistive solutions that best account for their unique needs. With presences today in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia, Riedon stands out as one of the most significant and successful companies in the industry, always coupling uncompromising product quality with outstanding customer service.

In opening up its resistor customization services to all, Riedon thereby creates an extremely valuable opportunity for even more clients to take advantage of the company's world-class problem-solving skills. Clients needing purpose-designed and -built resistors that ably account for even the most difficult problems gain full access to unparalleled skill sets of the company's industry-leading design teams. Other customers that might benefit from minor modifications to catalog products will also find it straightforward and cost-effective to arrange for these custom-specified adjustments. More information about Riedon, its standard products, and the customized resistor service can be found at the company's website.

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Advancing the state of the art in resistive solutions for over 45 years, Riedon Resistors designs and produces innovative, top-quality wire-wound, film- and foil-based, and other resistive products for clients of all kinds and sizes worldwide.

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