Rick Banks Law Highlights the Importance of Legal Representation in Common Cases

Legal representation protects the rights of each party involved in the case reports Rick Banks Law.

According to Womansdivorce.com, more than 90 percent of those filing for bankruptcy between 1980 and 2008 stated they experienced a medical hardship or job loss while in the midst of their divorce. Experts believe this may explain the correlation many see between the two events, with women accounting for approximately 33 percent of all bankruptcy filings and men for slightly more than 25 percent. "When one finds he or she needs to file for both divorce and bankruptcy, an experienced Fresno divorce attorney can be of help, especially when he or she has experience in bankruptcy filings as well as divorce," Rick Banks, attorney at law, declares.

Very few make the decision to divorce easily as this is a painful process, one with long term implications. The decision to divorce is the first in a long line of many decisions which must be made, and spouses often find it difficult to communicate or come to an agreement during this journey. As Banks explains, whether a couple is fighting over the divorce itself or issues such as child custody and support, legal representation is needed to ensure the rights of each party are protected at all times. Each side needs an experienced divorce lawyer Fresno CA for this reason as no one wants the divorce to drag on longer than is absolutely necessary.

Divorce may lead to financial difficulties or financial difficulties may contribute to a divorce. With either situation, bankruptcy offers a person a fresh start when it comes to their finances and the debt relief many find they need. "Before one files for bankruptcy, he or she needs to have a clear understanding of the options available to them along with the implications of filing for various types of bankruptcy. Having this information helps to ensure the bankruptcy filing has the least impact possible on the person's financial future and here is where a bankruptcy attorney Fresno CA can be of great help.

"Life comes with many unexpected and unpleasant surprises. No one plans on getting divorced when they first marry, just as very few incur bills with the intention of not paying them. Sadly, many marriages do end in divorce, however, and people do find they need to file bankruptcy for one reason or another. When this is the case, Rick Banks Law is here to be of help and will work to make both or either of these situations as painless as possible," Banks states.

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Rick Banks Law offers legal representation for those going through a divorce or bankruptcy and understands the sensitive nature of these situations. The firm represents the best interests of the client at all times and advocates for his or her rights. Rick Banks Law remains accredited by the BBB and retains an A+ rating. In addition, Mr. Banks also holds an "Excellent" Rating with Avvo.com.

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