Richard Liebowitz, Esq. Offers Free Webinar Series to Photographers and Creative Individuals Looking to Protect Their Copyright Rights

As photographers, artists and other creative individuals face copyright violations against their work, both on the Internet and offline, Richard Liebowitz, Esq. fights to protect their rights.

The Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC is proud to announce that its founder, Richard Liebowitz, Esq., is offering a free webinar series for anyone interested in learning about copyright protection. With a massive growth in creative content, as well as the exploitation of content without permission and license from the copyright holders, the creative industry is suffering tremendously.

"Every day we hear from a photographer, illustrator, painter, logo designer or other individual whose work has been taken and used without their permission," explains Richard Liebowitz, Esq. "Many of these people work with no salary, no benefits, no safety net. They are paid on their work, and when media publishers simply misappropriate their work for use on the web, television, in print or other format, the rights of the creator are violated."

Under federal copyright statutes in the United States, the creators of work have certain rights. Those who violate those rights may be held liable for financial damages.

"Imagine you work all week creating something. While some pay you for your efforts, someone else comes along, takes it and uses it without your permission, and uses it as if it were their own. That is the reality faced by all too many creative individuals."

In this webinar series, Mr. Liebowitz educates creative individuals on copyright law, how it works, how can they protect themselves, and how they can take action should their rights be violated.

"Education is critical," Richard Liebowitz explains, "and many do not know or fully understand their rights. Once they understand, they can better protect themselves and better provide for their families."

Richard Liebowitz holds these webinars on a monthly basis. You can register for the next webinar, scheduled for June 16, 2020 at 3:00pm Eastern Time, on the firm website at

For more information about Richard Liebowitz, you can visit his personal website at and his photography site at

About Richard Liebowitz

Richard P. Liebowitz, Esq., is an attorney who focuses on intellectual property law, related to copyrights, at Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Hofstra Law School, Richard now helps his fellow artists around the globe resolve their copyright infringements and protect their work, on a contingency basis. As a fellow photographer, he understands the challenges faced in today's hi-tech environment and is passionate about helping the creative community.

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