RGZLegal Announces New Office Location in Scarborough

RGZLegal is excited to announce the opening of their new office location in Scarborough. The new office location will provide people access to one of Toronto’s top criminal defense lawyers, Mr. Graham Zoppi.

RGZLegal is excited to announce the opening of their new office location in Scarborough. The new office location will provide people access to one of Toronto’s top criminal defense lawyers, Mr. Graham Zoppi. The law firm currently has an office location in downtown Toronto, but as clients from throughout Ontario have sought Mr. Zoppi’s assistance in representing their interests in criminal offences, the law firm decided to make it easier for potential clients to meet with Mr. Zoppi by opening a new office outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

“People requiring legal representation in criminal law matters is not limited to the GTA. Over the past decade as RGZLegal’s practice has grown, so has the number of clients contacting the law firm from other areas in Ontario. As a result, it was decide the law firm could benefit from opening a new office in a location accessible for people living outside of the GTA,” according to Graham Zoppi. While several locations were considered for the new office, Scarborough was selected because of being ideally located near several major roadways connecting other Ontario cities, such as Markham, Pickering, and Ajax, as well as numerous communities.

Since Mr. Zoppi represents clients in all of the Ontario court systems, he normally finds himself traveling to locations throughout the province. Having the new office allows him the opportunity to meet with existing and prospective clients in and around Scarborough whenever he is in the area. According to Mr. Zoppi, “The new office is beneficial for clients living in this area of Ontario because it helps defray the costs of traveling into Toronto whenever they need to come into the office. In the event they need to drop off paperwork or other documentation, they are able to do so, without worrying about it getting lost in the mail or not being received in a timely manner.”
RGZLegal offers legal representation for all types of criminal offences with a specialization in drinking and driving criminal offences, such as driving over 0.80, impaired driving, and refusing to provide a breath sample, as well as other traffic related offences. “Being found guilty of a drinking and driving criminal offence has serious consequences. Many people often do not think about the long term effects it could have their life and livelihood. Instead, their main concern is to have the matter resolved as quickly and quietly as possible,” according to criminal defense lawyer Graham Zoppi.

The police and Crown typically use this to their advantage in an attempt to get someone to take a plea arrangement or plead guilty to drinking and driving charges. This is never the best solution because, in the end, it is up to the judge, not the Crown lawyer to impose sentencing. People taking a plea arrangement, pleading guilty, or being found guilty of a drinking and driving offence face penalties, like having the charges placed on their permanent criminal record, excessive court fees and fines, increases in vehicle insurance rates, having their driving privileges suspended or permanently revoked, and the potential to be imprisoned. People with drinking and driving offences on their records even have difficulties in finding employment.

For more information about the types of criminal charges RGZLegal represents clients for, visit their website at www.rgzlegal.ca, or contact their office now at 416-873-6970 to schedule a consultation appointment at one of their office locations.

About RGZLegal

RGZLegal was founded by criminal defense lawyer Graham Zoppi. Mr. Zoppi received his law degree from the University of Windsor and graduated with honours. He began his career in criminal law by articling for the judges of the Superior Court of Ontario where he gained first-hand knowledge about the legal processes which go on behind closed doors. Upon completion of his articling, he was offered, and accepted the position of Assistance Crown Attorney for the Ministry of the Attorney General, where he conducted trials and bail hearings at the lower court, as well as appeals through the Ontario Court of Appeals.
Before starting RGZLegal, Mr. Zoppi initially entered the private criminal law sector as a criminal defense lawyer for well-known law firm, Blake, Cassels, and Graydon, where he continue to gain further experience. For more than ten years. Mr. Zoppi has represented clients charged with all types of criminal offences at all court levels, including the Ontario Court of Justice, the Court of Appeals, and the Superior Court.

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