Rewarding Piano Lessons For A Life-Long Fulfilling Journey Of Joy At Az Music School

AZ Music School launches enjoyable, self-paced and engaging piano lessons on 11/28/2013 at Queen Creek, Arizona for pianists.

Music is a magical art that has power to evoke emotions in a way that soothes, relaxes, comforts and heals the mind. There’s more to the fascinating world of piano lesson than just learning, practicing, and playing; the teacher is the heartbeat of it all.

Piano lessons at AZ music school are fun, self-paced and engaging. Using modern learning technology combined with Laura Dunlap’s expertise, the school offers positive and reaffirming effect on the students who are interested in expanding their musical abilities.

From stark beginners, frustrated-“been taking piano for years, but still can’t play much…” piano students, advanced music students looking for more, to teachers who need greater ideas, AZ piano lessons deliver fun, interactive and hands-on lessons that empower, inform and entertain the students leaving them feeling successful.

Piano lessons can add a wonderful new dimension to one’s life if taught creatively and with the right tools. With this understanding, AZ is known to be genuinely committed to delighting and inspiring its piano students in developing confidence and freedom at the piano.

AZ piano lessons are hugely inspired by the founder’s expertise, creativity and passion for the piano. The lessons are customized to be high-end, high-energy and leave a lasting impression that compliments Laura Dunlap’s experience, strength, professionalism and devotion to making her students happy.

"Music is for your own enjoyment and at AZ Music School, that is what we strive for! Each individual to find their own style, groove and make it a reality. Our teachers take every student and evaluate their level, and then they choose a curriculum that is customized for them. There is no wrong way to find love and appreciation for music; it's a partnership between the teacher and the student that result in success!" - Laura Dunlap

Piano lessons offered at AZ are flexible and allow students to learn at their pace. The lessons at AZ are customized to suit all the diverse needs of students who are also given freedom to decide exactly how they want to undertake them.

Whether learning piano techniques, piano chords and scales, music reading, learning and memorizing piano pieces, ideas for playing by ear, learning to play real songs among others, AZ makes the experience fun and rewarding for all its piano students.

The music school has highly experienced and professional piano instructors who provide detailed profiles with a complete background check, specialties, and teaching style. The teachers closely work with students to establish a specification of their piano skills and passion. They then undertake to offer a comprehensive music education package from scratch without leaving anything out.

Whether one are enthusiastic about classical piano, blues piano, jazz piano, ragtime piano, new age piano, or boogie-woogie piano, AZ knows it all and offers customized lessons that help everyone revel every step of the way.

AZ piano lessons are exciting and help students start basic but work their way along. The lessons cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. So no matter what their student skill level is, they will find rich advice and detailed training on the piano lesson of their choice. For more information on how to get started, log on to the website at

About Arizona (AZ) Music School:
AZ Music School is a renowned Music School in East Valley that specializes in offering awe-inspiring and fun piano lessons with a professional touch and expertise that is unmatched. Based in East Valley, USA, AZ Music School was established by a professional pianist, Laura Dunlap who has over 19 years of expertise in teaching piano. Today, the school prides in having some of the award-winning pianists in the world who combine their talent and experience to deliver high-caliber music lessons to the students. Under the able leadership of Laura Dunlap, AZ Music School is poised to be one of USA's premiere Music Schools, with a team of instructors who are musically well-synchronized, informed, and highly talented to give nothing but the best.

Contact Info:
Name: Laura Dunlap
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Organization: Arizona Music School
Address: 28995 North Royce Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85142
Phone: 480.242.7615

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