Revolutionary Video Compression For Sending Streaming HD Video Over Any Cellular Network 2G, 3G, or 4GLTE

SCREAMING HD compresses HD video to fit withing the bandwidth of any cellular network and encrypts each video frame providing video integrity. Works with existing HD cameras and existing compressed video can be further compressed saving video storage space up to 100 times.

Tactical Ingenuity Inc. is showing its Patent Pending solution for Law Enforcement Chain of Custody by performing live demonstrations of Screaming HD’s revolutionary video compression and frame by frame encryption during CES 2015 January 7, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. All that is needed by the viewer is an Internet connection capable of streaming video bandwidth and go to the video demonstration link to see real-time video driving around Las Vegas.

The streaming HD video is captured using a cell phone camera, the HD video is compressed orders of magnitude more than H.264 or MPEG 4, transmitted over the cellular network to the Cloud, then decompressed and made viewable on any web browser in HD. Screaming HD offers a ruggedized and waterproof military specification cell phone that can stream video and audio continuously for 12 hours on one battery charge. Screaming HD can also work with any HD camera and microphone existing systems that use SD memory or video tape and convert those to “LIVE” streaming HD video systems.

Screaming HD ( has been included in the Verizon Technology Innovation Center and is available for M2M projects with Verizon.

This revolutionary real-time HD video SaaS (Software as a Service) has pilot programs in the following markets using cellular and satellite phone communications:

- Oil & Gas for offshore platforms using a satellite phone instead of a cell phone
- Border patrol
- Street light surveillance poles
- Aircraft cockpit continuous surveillance using satellite communication

For law enforcement dash cams and body worn cameras, Screaming HD is the only technology that solves the following problems and issues faced by law enforcement today:
- Chain of Custody for evidentiary video and audio because the video and audio are encrypted and stored at the same time the video and audio are being captured.
- The question of whether the camera on or off for dash cameras and body worn cameras is now known and controlled by the central system and no longer the decision made by the law enforcement officer.
- Video storage can be reduced by a factor of 100 by using the compression in Screaming HD.
- Searching video can be performed by source identifier/date/time and by image properties such as “find red shirt”.

Brad Hutson, CEO of Tactical Ingenuity, Inc. said “All you need for tactical HD video and audio is power and either cellular communications or a satellite phone. Now HD video can be captured anywhere in the world and be sent economically in real time to anywhere in the world. Lone workers in hazardous work environments are no longer alone.”

If it not possible to see the live demonstration on January 7th, demonstrations can be scheduled upon request.

To set up a live demonstration of drive cam or body cam streaming HD video, call 407 962 7850.

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Name: Brad Hutson
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Organization: Tactical Ingenuity
Address: Vero Beach
Phone: 407-962-7850

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