Revolutionary Product Makes Pricy Procedure Affordable For Everyday Consumer

Typical in-office-visits for just one session of microdermabrasion can cost upwards of $500, Feu Organique has released a revolutionary at-home system making it now affordable for anybody.

For decades dermatologists and estheticians have offered microdermabrasion to their clients, typically done as a 2-3-treatment procedure in office. The procedure creates a fresh, new rejuvenated glow to the skin, helping to even out skin imperfections. Though the procedure can produce a healthier, smoother,more radiant skin complexion, the hefty price tag of these treatments left it merely available to high-end clients.

Microdermabrasion procedures can use a variety of methods to sloth off the top layer of dead skin cells. Like a face peel, the procedure usually includes harsh chemicals and has severe downtime and side affects. Other practices of microdermabrasion use a fine tipped diamond wand and harsh chemicals, to help remove the dead skin cells and promote new skin growth.

Féu Organíque, one of the newest organic skincare companies in America, has released “Vent Tempête” the first at-home microdermabrasion system priced for everyday use. Loosely translated from French as “wind storm”, the revolutionary system uses finely ground crystal-like organic material to mildly exfoliate the skin with no downtime.

The company, Féu Organíque, is one that has recently hit the American organic market. The prime purpose of the new company is to bring costly products to everyday buyers from around the world. Closely studying the newest discoveries of organic procedures, Féu Organíque brings in fresh and innovative ways to help heal, rejuvenate and refresh skin cells.

With more and more discoveries of organic benefits daily, the organic market is booming across the world. With each new discovery bringing a fresh, new innovative idea, the organic skincare market is slowly becoming a multi billion dollar industry. Companies such as Féu Organíque, are beginning to tap into the craze, bringing with them new revolutionary organic products daily.

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