Revolutionary Growth of ARVR in Manufacturing Market Due to End-Use Industries

ARVR is revolutionizing the way the industry functions traditionally. There is a rising focus across the manufacturing sector on the digital transformation. ARVR in manufacturing will be one of the key enablers for this digital transformation.

Enhanced ARVR solutions will make the maintenance activities on the shop floor more efficient. Ford motors has adopted its own virtual reality technology. Virtual reality application in Ford motors captures human movement during the equipment assembly in order to ensure the safety and productivity of the employees. The company has reduced employee injuries by 70% and assists by increasing productivity. Further, Hyundai Motors also has leveraged ARVR technology right from the year 2015. Hyundai has advanced applications that allows users to point their smartphones and get relevant information about the maintenance of the vehicles. Hyundai Motors has announced its strategic investment on WayRay AG, a Swiss based startup that offers holographic displays in the year 2018. The company believes that this collaboration will enable a brand-new ecosystem for smart mobility. These developments will contribute to the growth of ARVR in manufacturing Market.

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In the aviation industry, ARVR is deployed in manufacturing that provides step-by-step information and helps to train the employees in assembling the aircraft wing section. The deployment of ARVR in this process has resulted in 35% less time in comparison with the traditional methods where the trainees rely on huge documentations. In 2017, Australia’s TAE Aerospace along with fountx uses AR smart glasses in to make maintenance task more efficient. This virtual smart glass connects the technician with the expert that help experts to monitor the maintenance process virtually thereby assisting the technicians on floor. Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, and TAE Aerospace are few of the aerospace companies that have adopted ARVR in manufacturing applications.

ARVR also have entered Aerospace and Defense industry. Newport News Shipbuilding that builds aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy has deployed AR in the manufacturing process to inspect a ship. Traditionally this was performed using 2D blueprints that consumes a lot of time. The implementation of AR for inspection has reduced the inspection time more than 90%.  Such new developments will boost the growth of the overall ARVR in manufacturing ecosystem.


Table 1: ARVR in Manufacturing Ecosystem: Segmentation

By Raw Materials: Silicon, GaN, SiC, Glass, Plastic, Metals, Others.
By Components: Camera, Sensors, IMU, Displays, Processor, Memory, Graphics, Audio, Module, Others.
By Products, Parts & Devices: Handheld Devices, Head Up Displays, Head Mounted Displays, Smart Glass
By Software & Services: Documentation, Visualization, 3D modelling, Navigation, Workflow optimization, Others.
By Applications: 3D Modelling, Training, Monitoring, Others.
By End-Use: Consumer Industry, Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Logistics, Retail, Others.

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The ARVR applications will make the equipment maintenance in the manufacturing unit more efficient. Due to its immersive detailing, it is used in training of the professionals which reduces the operational cost involved in training the newly joined professionals. BAE systems builds propulsion system using electric battery for hybrid buses. The company uses Microsoft’s Hololens that reduces the workers cycle time by 50% and training time up to 40%. Hence most of the applications of ARVR in manufacturing ecosystem focuses on bringing more efficiency and cost reduction on a long run. Currently few companies that have deployed ARVR in manufacturing process has witnessed the true potential of this technology. The deployment of ARVR is expected to rise in future.

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