Revived TV Shows Close Generation Gaps

Bringing back old television shows is a wonderful way of getting everyone in front of the family television again expert says. Insists it will restore strong family bonds.

Darling Harrington - an Alberta based photographer, author and grandmother - recently wrote a post on her blog about how many revived television shows are doing a great job at closing the generational gaps of their viewers. According to Harrington, instead of everyone in the family watching their own shows on separate devices, more and more families are starting to watch television together again.

“It is often said that families are split up more now than they ever were, but I think that trend is reversing - thanks to easy to use popcorn machines and revived television shows.” Harrington giggles.

Sports channels were always pretty good at keeping everyone interested and together. Even if the room is divided as to whom everyone cheers for, one will find grandkids sitting in front of the same television as their parents and grandparents - just to watch a live sporting event - be it hockey, football, soccer, or even baseball.

“When it comes to sports you’re either a fan or not” says Harrington. “I myself am not a huge sports fan and only watched sporting shows when my husband used to watch them - obviously to bond with him - but now that he’s gone, I can’t remember the last time I watched sports of any kind on TV.”

Harrington went on to explain that she has always watched other shows though. “I was more the kind that would watch Home on the Range, Bonanza, Sesame Street, or - in later years shows like Seinfeld, CSI, Full House, and Gilmore Girls. I got into some of the newer shows mainly because my kids were into them.”

“It was a great way to bond with my daughters.” Harrington continued.

When asked about what she thinks about some of her old favorites starting back up again, she said “I think it’s marvelous. It will enable me to watch some of my old time favorite shows while bonding with my grandchildren. It’s truly incredible. What a remarkable time to have grandchildren.”

Harrington says she has very strong relationships with her children and grandchildren - largely because they make it a point to actively spend time together - especially when watching television.

“Most shows nowadays are produced to attract the younger generation because that is where the most money is - commercials and sponsorships wise - so huge kudos to producers of revived shows like Gilmore Girls or Full House. They’ve managed to entertain not just the old folk like myself, middle aged folk like my children, or teenagers like my grandchildren. They’re entertaining us all at the same time - with the same show. It’s fantastic!”

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