Revision Legal Announces Dismissal of Trademark Cancellation Against M22

After a seven year battle, announces the dismissal of the trademark cancellation proceeding against M22 with prejudice

M22, LLC an iconic outdoor brand native to northern Michigan, has recently been awarded the ability to maintain its federal trademark protection for the M22 logo after reaching an agreement with the State of Michigan.

The settlement, which was signed on February 28, 2019, explains how M22 released the State from any grievances for future suits by trading the dismissal of all claims against the M22 Store by the state. This particular settlement also states that M22 is not able to be challenged by the State again on this particular matter and that the company retains their full rights to protect the trademark for apparel and retail across the nation.

In a statement released by John DiGiacomo of Revision Legal, the legal firm that represented M22, LLC, he said, “This is a huge win for the team and customers of M22. The struggle has gone on for over seven years, but our legal team stayed with the company helping them achieve the settlement described above.”

M22, LLC was originally founded by brothers Matt and Keegan Myers in 2004. The company initially filed the logo to receive the federal trademark in 2006, with it being awarded in 2007. Once the US Patent and Trademark Office’s required the five-year period of consecutive use, the trademark became “incontestable.” In 2012, Bill Schuette, the Michigan State Attorney General, wrote an opinion making the claim that no entity could claim to have control over any highway marker design since it was public domain. This is the opinion that initiated the legal contest at the Michigan state level and at the Federal level.

“Now that the trademark is undisputed, M22 can continue to protect their brand,” continued DiGiocomo. “The trademark extends to all apparel and retail products, in addition to the M22 Challenge race, but doesn’t prevent businesses from using “M-22” for describing directions or a location.”

Additional information about the recent settlement achieved by Revision Legal on behalf of M22, LLC can be found by visiting the law firm’s website.


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