ReviewsAccelerator.Com Explains Need to Establish Local Authority after Hummingbird Update

Marketing authority, Jimmy Nicholas, has created a turnkey system for using customer reviews that outperforms typical SEO.

Google recently celebrated its 15th birthday by releasing Hummingbird, a significant technological update to its search engine algorithm. Businesses using search engine optimization to establish authority must adjust their online publishing strategies – again – or sink to the bottom of search results. According to online marketing expert Jimmy Nicholas CEO of, businesses should be focused on generating social proof instead of constantly tweaking SEO.

Internet users have become more sophisticated in how they use Google to find the things they want. Thanks to mobile technologies that allow voice searches, more people are searching by asking complete questions instead of typing in keywords. The old search “pizza delivery” has changed to “who delivers pizza to my neighborhood.” The Hummingbird update is built to handle this conversational search.

“The best way for businesses to establish authority in their market has never changed,” explains Nicholas. “You must deliver an excellent product or service and create a satisfying customer experience. Your satisfied customers will share their experience with potential customers. The way to establishing social proof never needs updating.”

Nicholas has created a turnkey solution for generating social proof through online reviews. Businesses encourage customers to submit a review on a customized site with the chance of winning a valuable price such as an iPad. The customer has a chance of winning the prize regardless of whether their review is positive or negative. An automated triage process then asks 5-star customers to post their reviews on sites such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

“Try it yourself,” encourages Nicholas. “Go to Google and type in ‘Dentist Groton Connecticut’ and look at the business rankings. Wouldn’t you be more likely to visit our client Contemporary Dentistry with 47 reviews with a 4.9 rating instead of the other dentists with no reviews?”

To learn more about how customers can take control of their business’ reputation and establish local authority, visit to get started with a 14-day trial for just $1.

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