Reviews Bee Creates New Meta-Analysis Site Combining Expert and User Reviews To Form Product Rankings

Reviews Bee offers a new kind of consumer review website, combining expert and user reviews and analysing over 37 different factors to create definitive top ten lists of products, software and more.

Review sites are commonplace on the internet today, but many of them are unreliable. So many of these sites are thinly veiled affiliate marketers promoting preferred products, or are simply one ordinary person’s opinion. Equally, user reviews posted to sites like Amazon can often be fake or poor quality, leaving people unsure of what they can trust. ReviewsBee is a newly launched concept that aims to solve this problem once and for all, with meta-analysis informed top tens on a huge range of products.

The website ( collates professional reviews, independent reviews and user reviews, authenticating them and then adding them to their data set in a given topic area. Reviews for every individual product in the category of, for example, dishwashers, are then scored on 37 different variables, which are then used to produce a final score. These scores for each product are then ranked, with the highest scoring being the best loved product of all.

These scorings are then reported to users in easy to read, plain English analyses, summarising the key things that were identified across the reviews as being the advantages, disadvantages and unique selling points of the product. The aim is to produce the perfect system for deciding the best product on the market, using the power of data driven consensus across multiple sources.

A spokesperson for Reviews Bee explained, “We essentially review every review published about a product, and do the same for every competitor product, then rank them according to which ones did the best. Every product in the top ten is something we would recommend, but each has its own unique quirks and specialisms that may influence an individual’s purchasing decision. We believe we have created the most accurate way to definitively show people the best products, software and services.”

About Reviews Bee: Reviews Bee is the result of an innovative idea conceived by Roman Sahakov, founder and CEO. By maintaining a team of four product, software, and service research experts, Reviews Bee is quickly becoming a trusted name in consumer research. With the goal of collecting data so that consumers don’t have to, Reviews Bee is continuously expanding the Top 10 recommendations, detailed reviews, and review videos that are available.

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