Review 3D Printers Publishes a Cheap 3D Printer Guide

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3D printing continues to increase in popularity, thus prices continue to drop, making these devices affordable for the average home user, reports

3D printing appears to be the wave of the future. According to Statistic Brain, 3D printer revenue is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2018, with end users spending $412,000,000 on 3D printing devices in 2013. According to this site, 21 percent of 3D printer spending was done by consumers, which equals to $87 million, and the cost of these devices continues to decline. In fact, Review 3D Printers ( reports a home user may purchase one of these devices for as little as $500.

"With the help of the cheap 3D printer guide found at Review 3D Printers, users find they can compare and contrast different devices to locate the one that best meets their needs. The TwoUp v2 3D Printer Kit comes in at number one, followed by the Reprap 3d printer Guru DIY Prusa I3. Rounding out the top three is the HICTOP Portable Desktop 3D Printer, a newcomer to the industry. Individuals need to read the reviews of all three models to determine the one that will fit their requirements," Steven S. Simpson, spokesperson for Review 3D Printers, explains.

Statistic Brain goes on to say many users turn to 3D printers when they wish to create scale models, with prototypes coming in second. Art fashion is right behind prototypes when it comes to uses for these devices, yet some turn to a 3D printer when they want to make something for their hobby or for household uses. As these devices can create so many things, it wouldn't be surprising to see one in every home sometime in the future.

"Individuals involved in a cottage industry discover the home 3D printer to be of great help, and they can now purchase a device of this type for the cost of a conventional printer with extra features. What makes this technology so amazing is the printer can then be used to make replicas of itself, and these replicas can be used to expand the business or provided to family and friends, depending on the model selected. For this reason, consumers need to compare numerous models to ensure they purchase one that allows them to do exactly what they desire," Simpson continues.

With the help of a 3D printer, products reach the market in less time and production and tooling times decrease. Errors are easily identified at an earlier stage in the development process, allowing businesses to make changes before production begins, and designs can be perfected in a short period of time. These are only a few of the many benefits of 3D printing that need to be examined when purchasing a new printing device.

"Visit Review 3D Printers today to learn more about the 3D printing process and printers currently available. Those who do so may find they no longer wish to make use of a conventional printer, as they can do so much more with one of these devices. It never hurts to look and you may find you want to have one of these devices in your home today," Simpson declares.

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