Retro Toaster Lifestyle Celebrates The First Anniversary of Website

The website features information about appliances such as toasters which date from the same age as the 'Leave It To Beaver' household. Caleb and his girlfriend have actually used the appliances which they review and promote.

Retro Toaster Lifestyle and its founder are pleased to announce that they have reached a milestone of one year in operation. The founders follow a Retro Lifestyle personally and chose to create the website to share their experiences with toasters and other kitchen appliances they have used and loved. Living the lifestyle means different things to different people. Fashion, colors, makeup and designs all have elements which label them 'retro'. Some people go even more seriously into the items they choose, simply because the items are less complicated.

In a recent interview, founder Caleb spoke about the lifestyle, “For those who go deeper, living retro isn’t just about style, but about lifestyle. These are the folks who seek to bring back the good old days in their homes: children playing outside, a strong woman of the house, quality family time, and more. Don’t forget appliances such as retro toasters. Nothing transports your kitchen back to the Happy Days like a diner blue Frigidaire or a cherry red espresso machine with classic 1950s curves.”

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A recent post regarding toasters explained, “When it comes to toasters today, you usually have three basic choices for color: black, white, or steel. Modern tastes are all about maintaining neutrality. Decisions about color are made to avoid anything that might offend the senses. The 50s, on the other hand, were the homemaker's first escape from the plain Jane white that was the standard for appliances up to that point. This golden age of kitchenware rebelled against the previous decade with such favorites as canary yellow, pastel green, vibrant sky blue, canary yellow, and the iconic fire engine red."

There are those who just love the look and feel of vintage things. They plaster their walls with Humphrey Bogart movie posters, stock the coffee table with back issues of the Sears catalog, and equip their children with such classics as the cup and ball, jax, and old-fashioned metal wind-up toys.

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