Retirement Planning, Starbucks, Amazon and Apple – Strange Bedfellows

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Overcoming the hectic pace of modern life isn't easy. Today's retirees want a quality relationship with their retirement planning professionals, making the most of their time now and in the future.

People’s expectations for quick service have never been as frantic as today.  Press-of-the button mobile connectivity, finger-tapping google searches, and instant Amazon buys – all provide split-second gratification to young and old alike.

At the same time, if asked, most consumers also want meaningful, quality experiences.  Take Starbucks and Apple, the quintessential speed demons.  Both know their customers want fast service from knowledgeable providers, barista and geniuses, respectively; but both also know their customers want to enjoy their stays, get the answers they need, and savor their cappuccinos.

“Retirement planning should be a similar experience,” says Matt Gulbransen, 32-year old Millennial owner (by recent acquisition) of venerable Callahan Financial Planning in Twin Cities, Minnesota.  “People of the current generation have never known a world without the internet and smart phones. But the vast majority of Callahan clientele are baby boomers, pre-retirees and retirees with significant assets at stake, whose time is not to be wasted, but respected.”

Matt’s view may penetrate deeper than one thinks. In a recent report on major wealth management trends by CEB, the noted Arlington, Virginia-based corporate advisory firm, a surprising fact emerged: “Shallow client relationships, low plan penetration and proven benefits from planning are leading firms to redefine financial planning from a peripheral advisory tool to the core experience for clients.”  In other words, taking the time to establish a quality relationship and thorough understanding of a client’s financial situation remains very important to the advisor-client relationship.

“Today many are discovering that retirement is just another life event, like a ‘graduation' from work,” says Jan Blakeley Holman, director of adviser education for Thornburg Investments. “Managing wealth during the second half of life integrates… in-depth understanding of the science of investing with the flair for the art of advising clients… Unlike the accumulation stage of wealth management, which is fairly straightforward, successful navigation of the preservation and distribution phases requires a great deal of knowledge, confidence and a steady hand.”

“Come in, sit down, have a cup of coffee,” says Mr. Gulbransen.  “There are multiple people in the firm, allowing staff the time to handle any client service needs, with each person working in a specific area of expertise. This allows greater attention to detail.  No one’s in a rush. It’s taking time to learn the whole financial planning picture and working harder than most that makes the difference.”

“Financial advisers face enormous opportunities — and challenges — in advising millions of people on how to turn their lifetime of savings into retirement income. Those who provide the most comprehensive advice are likely to enjoy the biggest rewards.”  This is according to Mary Beth Franklin’s article in, entitled: “Advice industry adapts to changing concept of retirement.”

In the end, despite the hectic pace of modern life with everything at everyone’s fingertips all the time, and so many things available at the tap of a finger, some things remain unchanged: enjoying a good cup of coffee and forging a good retirement planning still require the commitment of some quality time.


Matt is a Partner of Callahan Financial Planning Corporation and holds the Accredited Wealth Management Advisor designation.  He has been an advisor for 10 years and is a Registered Representative with Cetera Advisor Networks and an Investment Advisor Representative through our Registered Investment Advisory, AdvisorNet Wealth Management.

Prior to joining Callahan Financial Planning Corporation, Matt previously worked as a Financial Advisor for the Minnesota-based, Anchor Bank and Morgan Stanley.  He also teaches pre-retirement and retirement planning courses with local community colleges and Community Education programs.

Matt is originally from a farm in southeastern Minnesota.  He holds a degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.  Matt currently lives in Woodbury.  When away from the office, Matt enjoys golfing, boating, travel, reading and fitness.

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Name: Matt Gulbransen
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Address: 1000 Radio Drive, Suite 100 Woodbury, MN 55125