Retaining Wall Seattle Company New Life Rockeries Share Common Materials Used In Building Retainer Walls

The materials you use aren’t just about looks, but function as well

New Life Rockeries is pleased to offers retaining walls in Seattle. Hiring a professional team with top knowledge isn’t just hiring a team to do the manual labor. There are various ways one can build a retaining wall and an incredible amount of challenge designs included. Types of material, the land being landscaped, or features to be added in the design influence how a retaining wall comes to life. Property owners who are looking for an expert staff that can balance their professional knowledge with the desires of their clients can trust in New Life Rockeries.

Does your yard need a facelift? Adding a retaining wall can provide textures and layers to an otherwise flat or unattractive piece of land. Enjoying the great outdoors is part of the pleasures of owning a yard. Those who enjoy doing a bit of gardening, being outside, or only be able to look out on a stunning view can add a bit of zest to their life with a beautifully landscaped retaining wall.

Retaining walls don’t just add visual enhancements as well, they’re also very functional. While a retaining wall can bring a great aesthetic appeal, they are also great at preventing erosion and stabilizing landscapes. Seattle is known for its intense levels of rain, so it is inevitable that large amounts of water will impact the land. A retaining wall Seattle is excellent insurance against mudslides, dangerously steep hillsides, and water run-off that may cause erosion or eyesores on your landscape. These needs are common to the Seattle population and many homeowners.

When it comes to design, many different materials will induce different feelings or looks. For a more natural aesthetic, you can use a natural rock. The natural rock here means those that are not cut to a uniform shape. They’re best for providing pockets of planting, holding low rise retaining walls, and need a little bit more care when establishing since each rock will contain a different shape.

They do not last as long as other options though because of the relatively loose formation that the stones will provide. Wood retaining walls are perfect for low or mid rise retaining walls. They fit in with both classic and modern industrial looks since much of our current culture is into an exposed beam work or wooden aesthetic. Wooden retaining walls do need a proper drainage system included with their design, and can last varying lengths of time depending on the type of wood and if it is treated or not.

Lastly, block walls are the sturdiest and able to provide the highest kind of retaining wall due to the often interlocking system used with these materials. The uniform shape keeps dirt packed behind with little to no exposure depending on the execution.

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