Retail Training Association Announces New Courses For Walmart Vendors

The company is launching online and on-site courses to help retail vendors get the most out of Retail Link, according to

In the Latest Retail News, Retail Training Association has just announced the launch of new online and on-site courses specifically for Walmart vendors. The courses are designed to familiarize vendors with Retail Link, the software that links Walmart and its suppliers. The courses are offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels; by fully mastering the system, vendors will be able to better access the information they need to run analytics on their retail sales and customer data.

"Retail Link is one of the major factors in Walmart's success, and vendors who want to be successful in retail need to be able to use the system to their advantage," said company spokesperson Josh Wheeler. "Unfortunately, a lot of suppliers are not up to speed on Retail Link and are not getting the information they need to make the best business decisions. That's where we come in."

"The beginning course is perfect for a new vendor or anyone who just needs a refresher," Wheeler went on to say. "The only requirement we ask is that participants have authorized access to the software and a working knowledge of Excel and its analytical capabilities. We also offer a course called Excel For Retail, which some participants prefer to take before they start the Retail Link program." The beginning course covers all the basic functions of the software including the dashboard and navigation tools, and features like decision support, quick item information, and query building. The course also has an introduction to Walmart's particular culture and way of doing business.

The intermediate course takes learners through some of the more advanced techniques for analyzing and interpreting data in Retail Link, while the advanced course teaches learners how to obtain value-added reporting, perform in-depth analysis, and make profit-producing recommendations. When learners complete the advanced course, they should have full control over all of the software's functions and be able to use Retail Link effectively to increase their sales and profits.

By offering Retail Link Training online as well as on site, the company hopes to make the courses accessible to the largest possible number of Walmart suppliers. Not only do online courses fit participants' varied schedules, they allow learners to work at their own pace, which is an advantage for busy people who are not able to commit to spending hours in a classroom.

"We are excited to be able to offer these new courses. They have all been developed by experts who have worked directly for major retailers," said Wheeler. "So we're confident that the course content is relevant to our learners' needs and up-to-date." Walmart vendors can sign up for courses on Retail Training Association's website.

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