Resurrected Black Wall Street offers board membership to African diaspora

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The Resurrected Black Wall Street is offering an opportunity for Africans in the diaspora to join its board of directors. The organization is seeking top professionals from various backgrounds.

The Resurrected Black Wall Street announced the opportunity it offers for the Africans in diaspora to get on its board of directors through in-house investment packages. Applicant board members are required to be top professionals in a distinct career seeking to broaden impact of acquired knowledge, experiences and contacts in the international development arena.

“I consider this the most significant, self-sustaining, highly impactful demonstration of the admonition that Black Lives Matter,” said King Charles N. Lambert, the leader of the Resurrected Black Wall Street.

The board will be made public in a few months

The mission of the Resurrected Black Wall Street was announced as creating 28 millionaires in US dollars through the returns to these board members from countless innovative solutions currently being offered across Africa. 

The entities offering these solutions are listed as Family Empowerment Initiative, CEO Forum, Pan African Job Centers, Women in Energy, Lechi, Producers for Democratic Economy, suppliers ending hand to mouth, Pan African Credit System, Afrowood, Fulfillment Donkey business support services, Pan African Inter Trade logistics, and more. 

“The board of directors are to represent the organization to the public after a few months of proper sensitization on the pursuit of African’s economic independence,” King Charles N. Lambert added.

Yearly $30 billion dollars remittances to Africa

He mentioned that Africa holds the highest rate of returns in the world, 4 times that of the US, 5 times that of Europe, twice of Asia and is the current global new frontier for economic development. 

“According to the World Bank data, remittances from Africans in diaspora to Africa tops $30 billion dollars every year. However this money is not organized in any special investment direction, and gets wasted, not bringing any development to Africa nor returns to the African in diaspora,” he concluded.

Aims to become the head corner stone

The Black Wall Street (BWS) was a community of African slaves turned free men which was historically burnt down in 1921 by racists leading to the famous Tulsa Race Riots. African born King Charles N Lambert, a Hebrew by lineage visited North Tulsa Oklahoma in 2002 and swore to resurrect the concept but in Africa. He achieved this feat through an event held in Uganda May 31st and June 1st 2021, exactly 100 years to the date of the destruction where visiting African Americans passed the wreath of passage of the legend of the ancient BWS to King Charles N. Lambert and his team. 

Resurrected BWS according to Lambert, will champion the establishment of the Compassionate Capitalism Economic System which will invariably bring massive development in Africa and unprecedented returns for Africans in diaspora fulfilling the dreams of the founding fathers and confirming the scripture that the stone the builders rejected, became the head corner stone. 

More inclusive and prosperous future

Lambert’s system is set to redefine the economic landscape of Africa. With its focus on compassion and inclusivity, it aims to uplift communities, empower individuals, and create sustainable economic growth. By consistently practicing and adopting this system, it is possible to pave the way for a brighter future, free from poverty and underdevelopment.

“The incredible journey of BWS and its relentless pursuit of revolutionary changes in Africa's economic system has been at the forefront, laying the foundation for the Compassionate Capitalism Economic System,” he stated. 

“Their unwavering commitment to transforming the economic landscape of Africa has been truly remarkable. Through innovative strategies and a deep understanding of the continent's needs, BWS has been driving positive change and enabling a more inclusive and prosperous future.”

This is a deadly virus that cannot be stopped”

According to King Charles N. Lambert, the economic system called “Compassionate Capitalism” which in no doubts remains the greatest economic revolution in the history of Africa, brings market driven innovative solutions to the negative effects of free market. It is coordinated by 3 entities known as Redirect Mall, BWS and 28 Development Channels through 28 basic human needs platforms. 

While unveiling this great revolutionary movement in the history of Africa, King Lambert assures that the system will preach empathy and not greed in innovations, contentment over pursuit of highest aspirations, job creators list over a billionaire list, pursuit of basic human needs instead of creating more wants, corporate responsibility instead of hiding behind governments, and local control of most aspects of consumption production against international dumping trade practices.

He said, “Compassionate Capitalism Economic System being a deadly virus cannot be stopped by any kind of vaccine in its spread so it will swallow global economies far away from African shores, crowning Africa as the new Super Power by 2034 without Fail.”

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Name: Caroline Lambert
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Organization: Resurrected Black Wall Street
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