Results Pt Online Reports on Obesity in America and Why This Is Concerning

Obesity puts a person more at risk of stroke, heart disease, certain types of cancer and more, thus many individuals are now turning to a personal trainer for help, announces

More than 36 percent of American adults are now classified as obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Being obese puts a person more at risk of a variety of health conditions, including heart disease, certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes. As a result, many individuals are now turning to personal trainers to help bring their weight under control, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates this industry will grow by approximately 13 percent until 2022. However, not all individuals have access to a personal trainer that can work with their schedule or feel comfortable working with trainers in their area. Results Personal Training ( can be of help to these individuals.

"Walk into many gyms in America and look around. It seems everyone at the gym is in great shape, and this can lead to a person being too embarrassed to work out in front of others. For some people, it's not a matter of being ashamed. They simply don't have the time to meet with a personal trainer to achieve their fitness goals or the trainer's schedule does not mesh with theirs. We have found ways to help individuals in these situations and others," Corey Howard, personal trainer and spokesperson for Results Personal Training (, explains.

A personal trainer works with an individual one-on-one so he or she doesn't need to be embarrassed about their current weight or fitness level. Furthermore, the trainer helps each client set goals that they can achieve to see their forward progress and adjusts these goals as each objective is met. Personal trainers can be very flexible with their hours also, which is of great help for people who find it hard to fit personal training sessions in.

"We believe in training the body the same way a person lives. Our training system makes use of basic compound movements to get the whole body working as one. This helps our clients see results quickly, as the more muscles they are using the more progress they will see. In addition, we know how to identify weak links and use a progressive system to prevent injuries and increase the odds of success," Howard continues.

Safety needs to be a top priority at all times when a person is working out. WebMd reports people of every experience and fitness level may be injured with certain injuries being more common than others. Tendinitis, muscle strains and sprains, shin splints and muscle pulls are only a few of the injuries, and a personal trainer works to prevent these problems from cropping up. He or she ensures the client is warming up and cooling down correctly, stretching and easing into the program, among other things.

"Results Personal Training makes use of simple techniques and our years of training, research and experience allow us to help our clients reach their goals in a shorter period of time. We teach each client the correct techniques to ensure they remain safe while getting into the best shape of their life. Give us a call today and we can begin helping you reach your personal goals," Howard declares.

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Results Personal Training believes every individual needs the strength and confidence to tackle goals and stressors in their life. The team helps with that by meeting each client at their current fitness level and guiding the client step-by-step to elite.

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