Results of Severe Truck Accidents Can Lead to Disability and Death

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Any kind of road accident is scary as it not only leaves scars on the body, but on the mind and soul as well.

It takes months and sometimes years for a person to get rid of that trauma. Accidents also make a person temporary or permanent, partial, or completely disabled. During an accident not only the victim, but the entire family suffers physically and mentally.

Road accidents can happen due to motorcycles, cars, large vehicles like trucks, and vans. Injury is injury, it cannot be differentiated as big or small, but an injury from a small vehicle creates less damage compared to large vehicles like 18-wheeler trucks. Above all, while claiming for the damages, people will have to deal with big trucking companies that have enough money to compensate, but they will spend on lawyers to get the settlement with victims for less.

Houston alone has suffered 32,000 truck accident cases in a year. In most cases, the fault is of the truck driver. It is difficult to manage such heavy loaded trucks, especially at high speeds, or when they apply sudden brakes.

That is the reason why hiring a truck accident attorney is essential. They help in gathering all information and proofs needed get the rightful claims to the victims. They will not only make claims for economic damages like medical bills and loss of employment, but also for non-economic damages like metal trauma.

Sutliff & Stout Injury & Accident Law Firm provides the best truck accident lawyers to deal with any kind of truck accidents. There may be many injury and accident lawyers in Texas. When people hire truck accident attorney from Sutliff & Stout, they are usually confident about getting the best compensation. They work on a contingency basis, which means they will not charge any fees to their clients unless they win the claim. They started the firm in 2007 and since then, they have served thousands of Texas residents who’re happy with their services.

Large commercial vehicles include tractors, trailers, semi, and big rigs. All these vehicles create different types of accidents on roads. Here are some of the common accidents created by large vehicles -

• Head-on collisions occur when large vehicles collide with another vehicle head-on. Rear-end collisions occur when a large vehicle drives over the back of another vehicle.
• Jackknife accidents occur when the truck is at high speed and brakes suddenly swing in 90 degrees. In this case, often the other vehicle besides the truck gets hit, or the truck rolls over or overturns and damages the road, hits pedestrians and vehicles on roads.
• A blind spot is when the truck driver cannot see the side vehicle in their side mirror. This can happen when the truck driver has to take a turn or change lanes.
• Under-ride accidents are the deadliest ones, because during high speed when a truck driver suddenly presses the brake, the vehicle behind can get stuck under the truck or trailer. The top of small vehicles gets ripped off and people inside are hurt badly.

Road accidents due to large vehicles can lead to serious injuries and sometimes death. Most commonly heard injuries are -

• Back, neck, spine and brain Injuries
• Broken bones
• Severe burns
• Paralysis
• Loss of limbs, amputation

There are various causes of truck accidents
• Fatigued drivers
• Distracted driving
• Consumption of alcohol and drug before or during driving
• Speeding and overtaking
• Poor road and traffic training
• Poor maintenance of the vehicle
• Overloading of cargo

It is difficult to explain the injuries, as they cannot be categorized with different types of accidents. It is a sudden incident that doesn’t give time for the victim to react. It is important to drive smoothly and within the speed limits. Drivers must maintain a distance from heavy-loaded vehicles while on highways and fast lanes.

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