RestorationEze Launches Water Damage Prevention Tips Ahead of Winter Weather

Water damage tips are designed to help homeowners be proactive rather than reactive when winter tightens its grip, publishes

With estimated losses amounting to more than $1 billion annually, reports from the insurance sector recently ranked winter weather as the third leading cause of insurance claims in the nation. While this factor is second only to hurricanes and tornadoes where claims payouts are concerned, authorities estimate the out-of-pocket costs for damages not covered by homeowners to be far greater than industry figures indicate. In response to these high rates of loss, Matt Hudson of RestorationEze has launched the water damage restoration company's tips for preventing winter damage.

Said Hudson, "We're devoted to helping homeowners navigate the hardships of water damage and get their lives back to normal after a catastrophic event, but we've also spent years educating them on topic. We firmly believe arming homeowners with knowledge is the best way to enable them to take matters into their own hands before they experience these types of losses. With winter rapidly approaching, our goal is to give readers the power to prevent common forms of water damage rather than having to deal with their aftermath."

Frozen pipes continue to lead the pack when it comes to winter water damage. Though exterior pipes and those located in areas of the home with inadequate insulation are the most vulnerable to subfreezing temperatures, no pipes are immune to the effects of winter. While homeowners' insurance policies often cover damage from burst pipes, many providers require proof proper measures were taken to reduce the likelihood of such an occurrence.

Ice dams are likewise responsible for water damage during colder months. In some cases, melting snow and ice back up, working their way underneath roofing materials. Damage resulting from ice dams is typically restricted to insulation, walls and flooring but can also affect home furnishings and belongings. Fires, though an indirect cause of water damage, have also been found to occur more frequently during winter.

Concluded Hudson, "Homeowners can take plenty of steps to help reduce their chances of being affected by winter water damage. Winterizing pipes, having gutters cleaned out and regularly maintained and scheduling routine roof inspections are crucial to keeping frozen pipes and ice dams at bay. Fire safety measures, like making sure chimneys are in good repair, having furnace inspections carried out and never leaving space heaters unattended, can also go a long way. We hope our water damage prevention tips, which will be available on our website, will help mitigate the current loss and damage statistics."

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