Restaurant Guru Launches in Response to Consumers' Growing Dining Expectations

Technologies are rocking the foodservice industry with consumers' requirements creating a surge in demand for online services, publishes

Analysts are pointing to an increasing use of technology in the food service industry. While robotic assistants and virtual reality make up a minor portion of the pending uptick, online ordering services account for the lion's share of this aspect. With websites like Yelp fostering the movement, authorities note consumers are likely to expect broader ranges of options going forward. In light of this projection, a spokesperson has announced the launch of Restaurant Guru, a website pioneering the field in this regard.

"Virtually all restaurants now have websites and listings in local online directories," the spokesperson pointed out, "but anyone looking for the best restaurants in the United States has to either know the names of those spots beforehand or conduct extensive searches based on location, types of food, etc. From there, it takes yet another exhaustive search to compare ratings, reviews, and their important factors. By the time you finish searching, you're not even in the mood to go out anymore. Restaurant Guru is here to change all that."

According to information provided by the company, Restaurant Guru gleans its data from 9 rating agencies. The website's database currently lists more than 1 million different dishes in 100 cuisine categories. Aside from reviews and ratings, there are food and restaurant guides.

The spokesperson concluded: "We've consolidated the nation's restaurants into a single website and given users a broad range of choices when conducting their searches. Through us, they can seek out the best restaurants nearby, find best places to eat at when they're traveling or learn more about various types of cuisines available in any given location, to name a few. Technology is changing the food service industry, and we're proud to be on the leading edge of revolutionizing the way people decide where to eat at."

With this website, you'll easily find the nearest places to eat at in the 'Restaurants near me' section. The information found there will satisfy both fast-food and haute cuisine lovers. You can read the menu or see opening hours. You'll be even navigated to the restaurant. Visitors reviews will help you make the right decision where to spend your time.

Also, you have a chance to view the photos made by the guests of the place, they always show the real picture. To find some additional information regarding the features of the restaurant, read the tags on the page of the selected place of interest.

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