Resolve Collaboration Services Offers Web Conferencing Solutions

Resolve Collaboration Services was founded to provide businesses of all sizes, and across all industries, the very latest technologies for web, audio, and video conferencing services and solutions.

Toronto, ON – Specializing in audio, video, and web conferencing services and related solutions, Resolve Collaboration Services is excited to announce that its video conferencing services and solutions are cloud friendly. This means that Resolve Collaboration Services’ wide range of web and video conferencing technologies are compatible and supported across multiple devices, operating systems, platforms, languages and countries. On-premise hardware and/or software are no longer required with their cloud-hosted service.

By providing cloud-hosted solutions and services with video collaboration technology, it demonstrates Resolve Collaboration Services’ expertise, forward-thinking attitude and ongoing commitment to deliver exceptional user experiences for its clients while maintaining a continued dedication to excellence and support. Automatic updates, infrastructure management and subscription pricing and terms are just some of the benefits of Resolve’s VaaS (Video as a Service).

The company provides a wide range of technologically advanced solutions and services to small and medium-sized business and corporations, as well as private consumers; including webinars, live event production, and concierge audio and video services. Among the most popular of the company’s services are its flexible and customizable options, where clients are given the option to do IT themselves or allow the experts at the company to do IT for them with a multitude of packages, upgrades and service guarantees.

Resolve Collaborations Services is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Resolve’s data centres are built to accommodate data residency and can guarantee that data stays within Canada, at all times.

All of the conferencing solutions and services offered by Resolve Collaboration Services are available 24/7. In addition, the company provides custom tailored solutions for education, government, and public hearings for live and recorded meetings and broadcasts.

Resolve Collaboration Services is one of the few conferencing service companies to offer national access to video conference centres and facilities. These facilities are technologically outfitted with the proper equipment to support live video conferencing, web conferencing, and other related collaboration solutions.
Resolve Collaboration Services strives to constantly update its support of the latest mobile devices and ensure their clients are able to access conferences and related services from their preferred device. Although, it is worth noting the list of supported devices is constantly changing as more and more mobile devices are released, and certain devices may not always be compatible with specific services.

For additional information about Resolve Collaboration Services, the company’s various conferencing services and solutions, and supported mobile devices, please feel free to visit their official website at or call 1-888-777-7965 to schedule a free one-on-one consultation with a representative. Find out why they are not your typical IT department.

About Resolve Collaboration Services

Resolve Collaboration Services was founded to provide businesses of all sizes, and across all industries, the very latest technologies for web, audio, and video conferencing services and solutions. Their extensive suite of products includes; audio conferencing, video conferencing, and web conferencing and webcasting services, sales, and support. In addition, the company offers solutions for live event productions, streaming and multipoint bridging. Resolve Collaboration Services ensures clients receive secure, reliable, technology-advanced solutions, which are also environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Resolve prides itself on not just the technology, but the people behind it. They offer human support, meaning when someone calls or needs assistance, there is a live person to answer the call or request.

About Michael J. Levesque, CEO

A born entrepreneur – Michael’s humble beginnings started at the age of 7 delivering local newspapers. Growing his vast empire from 14 to over 60 customers in just four years, he already knew he was on the path to leadership. Back in high school Michael discovered an interest in theatre and became involved in lighting and sound production after he was unable to summon the courage to actually audition for a role. After high school Michael continued with his growing knowledge and technical expertise in the A/V world and worked for a chain of nightclubs and venues as the in-house audio, video, lighting and occasional pyrotechnics manager.

Having avoiding losing any limbs to pyrotechnics he left the nightclub industry to pursue a higher education in Computer Programming from Ryerson University. He joined the videoconference industry back in 1998 and worked with one of the first commercial video conferencing products, PictureTel before becoming the CEO and founding partner of Resolve Collaboration Services Corp. He can be acknowledged as being one of the most experienced and savvy when it comes to past, present and the future of video collaboration technology.

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