Residential Roofing In Anaheim Now Offered By Father And Son Roofing

Father And Son Roofing LLC now offers residential roofing in Anaheim, CA

Father And Son Roofing LLC, a general contractor that specializes in commercial and industrial roofing, announced today they are expanding their services. The company will now offer residential roofing in Anaheim. They also offer emergency roofing services, roof repair, installation, replacement and coatings for homeowners throughout Anaheim. "Father And Son Roofing has been installing roofs of all sizes since 1988," said Owner Fred Simmons. "We're excited to expand our services to cover the needs of new home owners." This expansion is partly due to the high demand for new construction homes in Anaheim and an increase in incidences of hail storms leading many homeowners to need repairs.

"Our team of experts is more than equipped to handle any residential roofing job," said Simmons. "We provide the same level of training and expertise to our residential customers as we do on our commercial jobs." Father And Son Roofing is the premier commercial and general industrial contractor in Anaheim, California. They are owned by Fred Simmons, a well-known name throughout Orange County for his family business that has been dedicated to the area since 1988. With over 30 years of experience, the company has proven time and again that they are fully equipped to handle any roofing project. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality materials available and go above and beyond to ensure that they are 100% satisfied. Father And Son Roofing is known not only for their work, but also for their family values. The company was founded on treating each customer as if they were part of the Simmons family, taking care of all their roofing needs and wants, no matter how large or small.

ROOFING SERVICES BY FATHER AND SON: From commercial to residential, they have your roofing needs covered. They provide a wide range of services, including installation and repair work on all types of Roofs such as metal roofs that are long-span or flat roofs. Contact them for immediate service if you need emergency assistance with water damage from stormy weather conditions. They also provide several types of coatings for roofs to protect and beautify your roof. These include Kynar 500 series, FlexSeal, and warranty programs.

The roof of your house is one of the most important parts. It protects you from rain, snow, wind and other natural occurrences that can damage or destroy your home. Without a good roof over your head, you are vulnerable to many things that could happen to the inside of your house. The best way to protect yourself against these events is by regularly checking for problems with the roof and replacing it when necessary. This will keep water out and help insulate your home against heat loss in winter months and provide protection from high temperatures during summer months. The sooner you notice any signs of wear on the exterior surface of your roofing material, such as shingle curling or missing shingles, the better off you will be.

Roofs provide a lot of protection for your house, but that means they can be the first part to show signs of wear and tear. Roofing materials like shingles and asphalt are particularly vulnerable to high winds, hail and other weather conditions that can damage them over time. If your roof is starting to show any minor signs of wear, it can quickly become damaged beyond repair if you don't do something about it.

The first step should always be to contact a roofing contractor to inspect the problem. If the damage is minimal, you may be able to get away with repairing it yourself. You should also check your homeowners insurance policy for any opportunities to get the roofing material replaced without having to pay out of pocket. If you can clear all of these hurdles, it may be possible to have the roof repaired for much less money than a complete replacement would cost.

If you do need a complete roof replacement, the roofing contractor you hire should be well versed in all types of roofs, including flat roofs. These are often made out of asphalt or tar and built to provide a long-lasting roofing solution. However, flat roofs can be extremely sensitive to changes in weather conditions and may require specialized roofing materials, workmanship and construction techniques to ensure that they do not leak. This is why it may be best to hire a reputable company like Father and Son Roofing to handle your flat roof replacement.

Anaheim is a city in Orange County, California. It had a population of over 350,000 people within the city limits as of 2013. It is best known for its theme parks, home to the Anaheim Convention Center and Disneyland.

Anaheim has an arid climate. As a result, the people who live there experience hot summers and mild winters, which averages out at around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

FATHER AND SON ROOFING: This independent roofing company has served Orange County with top-notch roofing and gutter services since 1982. They are fully insured and licensed professionals who deliver prompt, reliable service you can trust. They are committed to building lasting relationships with their customers by providing exceptional service at affordable rates. They offer free roofing inspections and estimates for all projects, large or small. For fast and efficient services for any of your roofing needs, contact them today!

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