Researchers Forecast Money Trade Coin to Reach $2500 by March 2018

Money Trade Coin in the foreseeable future will look for greater opportunities which in turn will lead to soaring prices and will attract investment globally as per the recent studies.

In this new era of investing, investors have ample opportunities across various asset classes for making money. Cryptocurrency is one such asset which has generated unimaginable returns for investors within a short period of time. Led by heavy inflows of funds into cryptocurrencies, the prices have sky-rocketed and more and more people are switching their investments from traditional assets to such digital assets. Money Trade Coin, A New Age Cryptocurrency, has been recognized by the investors’ community as one of the best options for investment in cryptocurrencies.

Understanding how cryptocurrencies operate and their potential to challenge the formal economy, Dr. Amit M. Lakhanpal, Managing Director of Flintstone Group and the creator of Money Trade Coin Group is heavily invested in the future of Blockchain Technology. He is way ahead in formalizing investments in such assets. In a recent interview, he rightly pointed out that “Only 3.5% of the total cryptocurrencies are currently in the circulation of the market. This has created a huge demand and supply gap which should be utilized by investors as an opportunity.”

In a recent study, researchers came up with the prediction for Money Trade Coin which according to their analysis will reach the mark of $2500 by the end of March 2018. The analysis was backed by demand data predictions. As already mentioned, the experts are seeing huge inflows of funds in the cryptocurrency space most of which have been diverted from a different asset class. They say that lower supply and attractive returns have created a demand-supply ratio mismatch. Also, investors are excited about Money Trade Coin due to its wide array of services, a first of its kind in this space.

Money Trade Coin is registered in the United Kingdom as a specific algorithm, meaning an owned cryptocurrency. The group is a pioneer to have itself incorporated as a registered exchange with the United Kingdom and Estonia. Apart from its business in the United Kingdom and the European Union, it offers a basket of services from various parts of the world. Money Trade Coin has its legal status in Antigua & Barbuda owing to the passage of Antigua and Barbuda Act. It has also established Money Trade Coin Academy OU in Estonia which provides with training courses of different levels in Blockchain Technology especially Cryptocurrencies. Recently on 11th December 2017, Dr. Amit M. Lakhanpal inaugurated the launch of its wallet services viz. (MTCX India), (MTCXO) and The wallet services of this group target an addition of 25 different cryptocurrencies under its purview.

Offered at an ICO rate of $0.5, it was launched a few months back with a huge gap up of $3. With the development of technology and the recent launch of its wallet services, it currently trades at $8.68. Investors have already lapped up significant returns of 1736% from its ICO rate or 189% from its launching rate. This significant rise backs the theory of $2500 mark which the research group came up with.

With changing investment scenario and lack of returns in other asset classes, interest in cryptocurrencies is ever increasing. Given the global scenario, developed countries are already on track to legalize cryptocurrencies. Trading futures and binary options for the most popular cryptocurrency - Bitcoin have already been launched in developed markets. Money Trade Coin Group is the first company which has its footprints in this space in various parts of the world and pioneers in having registered as a cryptocurrency. They provide a wide array of services with a feature of uniqueness combined with the vision of MTCX’s Founder, Money Trade Coin has the ability to generate attractive returns, provide opportunities to its investors and attract investment globally.

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