Reputation Marketing Consultant Launches New Site To Score Reputations of Large Companies

Reputation Marketing Consultant, Kenneth McDonald announces latest metamorphosis of reputation management criteria.

"Reputation Marketing" is emerging as a new pro-active posture that takes a more aggressive stance against negative reviews. If reputation management defends a company brand, then "reputation marketing" crafts and shapes the company brand, according to Kenneth McDonald, Reputation Marketing Consultant who will announce his free tools in the new website.

Online reputation management has long been the buzz-word for defensively protecting a brand or company reputation. Professional people hire publicists to manage their reputations. It is a necessary task of great importance since the advent of the internet. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can speed a derogatory remark around the world in minutes. The new software tool will scour the internet and deliver a free report of any company's online reputation.

The giant, Google has made its footprint onto the scene of social media with the Google+ integration which may soon rival Facebook's audience. The adaptation of Google from a 5-Star-Review scale to the Zagat Review-30 point Scoring nomenclature is evidence of reputation evolution within the local marketplace.

Kenneth McDonald is an expert who believes that because of these Google changes, even before there is negative press, there must be sufficient groundwork laid for the foundation of a brand. To build credibility of a business brand so deeply across cyberspace that when bad reviews arise, they will be discounted by the viewers; that will be the new science of reputation marketing. They will take on an offensive position and not the traditional defensive position of reputation management.

With the local directories popping up year after year, and the additional scrutiny of business review pages on their sites, McDonald predicts that companies will hire full-time personnel who will actively nurture and build their reputations. He states that, "This must be their only job for this to be effective. No distractions means no mistakes. That is the only way these professionals can be successful in monitoring their brand. The entire company sales will rise and fall based upon their reputation marketing involvement."

The following tips will be useful to understand more completely the changes that are necessary to protect reputations:

1. Daily attention to reviews will become the first order of business for reputation guardians.

2. Interpersonal telephone follow-ups with past and present clients will build a strong foundation of respect and trust.

3. Negotiating edits on the bad reviews will force a better understanding of why the customer wrote negative remarks in the first place. Humility will go a long way to discerning the truth about company faults.

4. Hire a full-time reputation marketing consultant or create a new staff position within the company. The steady pressure of social media and online reputation reviews will denigrate companies who neglect to initiate change and react to events only after they happen.

This "evolution of involvement" is predicted by McDonald to put a more human face on Fortune 500 Companies who do it first. A brand has long been marketed as a logo, but it must undergo a metamorphosis into a human face to stay relevant on the internet. The first-movers advantage will insure more market-share as competitors procrastinate in sloppy disregard to online reviews.

Kenneth McDonald, Reputation Marketing Consultant has been successful at training professionals in the art of reputation marketing and creating stellar online reputations. Corporate training is available for companies desiring to train in-house reputation marketing and management personnel.

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