Repasky Law Expands Now Handles Cases Falling Under Longshore and Harbor Workers Act

Injured workers need to ensure they have legal representation just as employers do reports Repasky Law.

Workers compensation claims continue to decline, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, yet questionable claims are rising. "Sadly, this leads to problems for those with legitimate claims as insurance companies and employers are more hesitant to approve Workers comp and offshore claims until they have substantial proof. Any worker who feels their longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation claim is unfairly being denied needs to contact a New Orleans Workers compensation attorney immediately for assistance," Sue Repasky of Repasky Law states.

Repasky Law remains focused primarily on workers' compensation, representing those who have sustained injuries while on the job as well as those who have an occupational illness, including chemical exposure or carpal tunnel syndrome. Most workers find they have a claim when the injury has been caused by their work or they have an accident while on the job. "Repasky Law listens to each individual's particular story to determine if there is a case to be made, with the goal being to protect the rights of the worker while ensuring he or she receives all benefits they are entitled to," Repasky declares.

Longshore claims differ somewhat from workers' compensation claims as they fall under the jurisdiction of the federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation act. Those working on or near a body of water qualify for compensation under this act, whether one is involved in the construction, repair, or loading and unloading of vessels. According to Repasky, these are just a few of the jobs that may fall under this federal law, which is why legal representation is essential. Ms. Repasky explains that decisions made immediately following the injury are critical as they can impact future rights, making legal advice essential right from the beginning.

Employers and insurance companies retain lawyers to ensure they pay the least amount possible for each claim. Workers need to have the same representation at all times and Repasky Law is there to offer this assistance. "Contact Repasky Law today as our mission remains to help those injured on the job obtain the benefits they are entitled to under the law. The injured party deserves nothing less," Repasky exclaims.

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Repasky Law remains committed to assisting those injured while on the job as many employers and insurance companies fail to treat injured workers with the required respect. Repasky Law strives to help those who are injured while working obtain the benefits available under the law, representing clients throughout the metro area and southeast Louisiana. Repasky Law practices workers' compensation law, admiralty and maritime law, personal injury law for the plaintiff and motor vehicle accidents for the plaintiff.

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