REOB’s Cathode Material Completes Original Source Patent Registration In Six Countries

Groundbreaking project, REOB, takes a giant stride towards disrupting the global battery market as their cathode material completes original patent registration in six countries worldwide

The team behind REOB, a project of HWANGSUNG Corp., has achieved a major feat worth celebrating as the company’s cathode material recently completed original patent registration in six countries in different parts of the world. The company has built a reputation for specializing in secondary battery materials, winning the Korean Presidential Appreciation Plaque in the export sector three times and boasting of the world's best cathode material technology and patents.

“REOB is developing various technologies and projects to enhance the development and technological prowess of the global secondary battery market. It will be announced.” – REOB. “We ask for your interest and anticipation for REOB’s advanced technology to be introduced soon.”

There has been a steady increase in the demand for cathode materials in recent items, with the electric vehicle market practically leading the park. The cathode material undoubtedly plays a role in the performance of the battery, accounting for over 40% of the battery manufacturing cost as well as contributing significantly to the storage and release of energy within the secondary battery. Unfortunately, many of the available materials are plagued with safety and lifespan issues, which is where REOB is looking to make a difference with their cathode materials.

The material currently has a source patent in six major countries, including the United States, China, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Korea. One of the features of the cathode materials is the use of Mn (manganese) as its main raw material, helping to reduce battery cost and increase battery life and safety. It also boasts of a relatively high level of technological development enough to correspond to the 9th level of technology maturity (TRL), which is the level of mass production and commercialization.

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