RentFo Launches on the Apple App Store

Individuals looking to rent a property find the property reviews on the app to be of great help when they must decide where to reside, reports

Of the 136.57 million housing units in the United States, 43 million are occupied by renters. Renters often move into one of these properties only to be unhappy once they are situated. They feel as if they didn't have enough information to truly evaluate the different options open to them. With the launch of the new RentFo App, this becomes less of a concern for anyone who is planning to rent a property.

"Have you ever looked into renting a home but wished you knew more about the home other than the typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath, hardwood floors, and great neighborhood information the owner usually provides? Ever wonder what other renters REALLY think about a property? Well, RentFo is the app for you!," Kristian Hill, spokeswoman for RentFo, report.

According to RentBits, the average price of a rental in San Francisco, California is currently $5,121, including properties with one, two, or three or more bedrooms. However, potential renters often wonder if the amount they are being asked to pay is fair. They wish to know more about the property, the landlord, and the benefits and drawbacks of renting this particular residence. The new app supplies this information.

"RentFo is a mobile app which allows users to read and write a review of individually owned homes. Past renters can leave detailed reviews and photographs of the properties they have rented for all to see. Maybe they loved all the light in the home but thought the closets were too small. Maybe they weren't crazy about the appliances but enjoyed how spacious the kitchen was. With RentFo you will get honest reviews of properties, good and bad. Renters are not rating the landlord or property management company, they are rating the actual property itself! Renters can even see responses from the property owners and learn about the steps they have taken regarding the reviews of their property," Hill continue.

Furthermore, properties in San Francisco with three or more bedrooms aren't offered for rent as frequently as those residences with one or two bedrooms. In fact, there are currently only 547 properties of this type listed on the RentBits site. Individuals will find higher prices for certain residences on account of supply and demand. However, they wish to know if the property is truly worth the asking price in terms of the rent.

"Don't take a gamble! Let RentFo help you make the best decision on the next home you rent! Download RentFo today! It's an app you are guaranteed to love, as it helps you find the ideal residence for your lifestyle, budget, and situation," Hill state.

About RentFo App:

RentFo is a mobile application for property rental reviews, one which allows previous renters and landlords to comment on a property that individuals may be looking to obtain.

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