Renegade Global Entrepreneurs Host All New 2016 Reinvention and Rebranding Strategies Seminar

National Marketing Expert Andrew J. Cass Hosts A Seminar With Powerful New Strategies To Help Business Owners Start 2016 With A Plan To Dominate Their Market Place.

In a crowded and ever-changing marketplace, positioning can be make or break for businesses, says Andrew Cass, founder of Miami-based Renegade Global Entrepreneurs. By strategically building brand recognition and authority, business owners stand to reap enormous rewards.

Cass’ enterprise -- Renegade Global Entrepreneurs -- has been named South Florida’s number one business growth group. Their work has been featured on all major broadcast networks and Fox News. His book, “The Ultimate Success Secret” co-authored with Dan S. Kennedy, was published in 2013.

As Cass’ work has proven, not only do brand leaders have a much easier time capturing potential clients’ and customers’ attention, they also find they have lower marketing costs, more exposure and therefore more sales.
But securing that place at the top of the heap doesn’t just happen, Cass said. Positioning a business as the top expert in any field requires a lot of thought at the outset, as well as regular brand maintenance, to ensure a business is staying ahead of it’s competitors.

“Knowledge is power and this is definitely one area for entrepreneurs and business owners where ignorance is anything but bliss,” Cass said. “It’s clear just by looking at the marketplace which businesses have decided to take action and take control of proper brand positioning. Consumers invariably respond.”

As the end of the calendar year approaches, business leaders should review what strategies are in place to: Make their brand relevant in the marketplace, create new strategies to generate leads in 2016, and plans to grow their brand to build trust and credibility.

These are difficult goals that every business owner should be planning to reach. Too often, leaders are tempted to avoid addressing these topics, altogether – nervous about what might be discovered they are lacking in. But without taking a hard look at these areas , businesses run the risk of not understanding what’s really keeping them from maximizing their company’s growth and potential.

To help, Cass is offering a business reinvention workshop and webinar at 3 p.m. EST on Dec. 17 in South Florida and a companion webinar online. Topics will include:
- New lead generation secrets for 2016
- How to ramp up visibility in order to attract high-paying clients and customers
- How the best of the best position brands to maximize trust and credibility

Registrants also will receive a free copy of Cass’ book, “The Ultimate Success Secret.”
Cass will be joined by special guest speaker Bill Walsh, the business coach and venture capitalist known as “America's Business Expert”. Walsh’s speech will address "The 5 Keys To Building A Mega-Successful Company In 2016.”
Throughout, the seminar will focus on practical, hands-on strategies and tips for businesses to evaluate, position and build a brand and unlock their company’s true potential, Cass said.

“This is not one of those seminars where business owners go and someone just talks at them for a couple of hours and then sends them back home. This is a chance for to get together and share some proven tools and strategies,to roll up our sleeves and get to work building great businesses here in South Florida and around the globe.”
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Andrew J. Cass is an author, speaker and direct response marketing expert with nearly two decades of experience in the industry. He founded Renegade Global Entrepreneurs to serve as a hub for entrepreneurs seeking fast, dramatic growth, greater control and independence to exchange and share timely information and strategies. More information:

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