Release: DubaiLifestyleApp Is Now Available On The Market

Dubai Lifestyle App is a recently released trading software for generating online income trough digital investments on autopilot. It is owned by Mr. Scott Hathaway, who claims to provide one of the most proficient system on the market, but these claims are not verified yet

Automation is increasing its usage in everyday life and its every aspect. Including the making of investments. Binary options are also known as exotic options. For their trading, a system with an exotic name has been released – the Dubai Lifestyle App. It is owned and created by Mr. Scott Hathaway, who is also CEO of the company that owns the brand.

The Dubai Lifestyle App is among all those trading solutions for automated investments claimed to be among the best available alternatives on the market. This is its main marketing angle. Initial interest in the Dubai Lifestyle App’s capabilities spiked soon after it was released. This made a lot of people who are interested in automated applications to make a thorough research into the software. And they came out with mixed results.

“We are offering groundbreaking trading technology to 100 beta-testers”, said Mr. Hathaway at the start of Dubai Lifestyle App’s public promotion. The software comes with the promise of achieving a success rate of 99%. As one of the most important characteristics of any robot is its accuracy, it is only natural that such a claim would attract a lot more people than the intended 100 people.

However, the claimed accuracy incited a controversy – people from the industry state that there is no system in operation capable of delivering on such a promise. This gave reason for doubt into the authenticity of the promises made by Mr. Hathaway of his Dubai Lifestyle App, as the average accuracy of robots in the industry is around 80%.

The license for using the DubaiLifestyleApp is offered for free. Another reason for so many people to be interested in the offer. Once an investor submits personal details with the software, a trading account will be opened for them with one of the brokers, recommended by the application. Traders cannot choose a broker on their own, they will be automatically connected with one of the compatible brokerages. For the software to be activate a minimum deposit has to be made.

Dubai Lifestyle App also comes with the promise of a VIP Members’ Area, where investors from all over the world can connect with each other and share experience. The question is whether the promises and claims made about the Dubai Lifestyle App can be considered genuine and reliable. Binary options traders know very well the definition of the word ‘scam’ and such inconsistencies raise a cause for concern through the community.

At the current moment, feedback on the Dubai Lifestyle App and its quality of performance is mixed among traders. Some investigators have reached the conclusion that the binary options software has some promising characteristics, while others – including former clients of the Dubai Lifestyle App, have reported on its inability to achieve the promised results. For that reason, any and all traders currently interested in the Dubai Lifestyle App should proceed with caution.

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