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Aubtu is a website that updates news about entertainment, funny stories and animal facts.

Aubtu is a content aggregator website that provides users with entertainment information and creative ideas for a relaxing time and optimistic emotions.

In the current era, most people have a job. The term "job" here refers to work and study action, including employees and students. After stressful working or studying hours, the human body and brain often feel sluggish and fatigued. If the sluggishness and fatigue are prolonged, people are prone to stress. Stress is the source of many problems such as headaches, sleep disturbances or worse, increases the risk of anxiety disorders, depression and many other psychological disorders. Therefore, anyone needs time to relax to reduce stress and bring mental-physical balance. That is also why companies, businesses and schools all have break time.

There are thousands of ways for people to relieve stress, of which the simplest way is to take time to rest. People should take about 30-60 minutes to rest, excluding sleep time at night, to let the brain relax and clear. Entertainment websites are created to serve people in that relaxing times.

An entertainment website is where administrators post entertaining articles to create joy and a sense of comfort and relaxation for viewers. The website acts as an online magazine providing entertainment information, opinion orientation, celebrity information, sports news, cinema, art, etc. Entertainment websites are often designed to be as easy to use as possible. Depending on the design purpose, these websites target different users.

Aubtu is an entertainment website. The website is constantly updated with funny articles on diverse topics such as movies, music, celebrities, animals, zodiac signs, etc. Aubtu was founded to bring positive energy to all viewers. Individuals at Aubtu believe that for long-term development, people need to be able to balance stress, relax, and be comfortable. Everyone has moments of stress and relaxation. The solving problem is which is more and which is less. When stressed, the body releases hormones called catecholamines that speed up the heart. If that speed is repeated many times, it can easily lead to bad diseases, typically high blood pressure, making breathing difficult. During this time, people need to relax to help the body release the hormone acetylcholine, which helps stabilize heart rate and blood pressure.

Aubtu targets all audiences because the website believes that everyone needs to relax. For those who like animals, Aubtu has posted many articles, including "40 Amazing Cartoon-style Disney Pet Portraits That Will Charm You Totally", synthetic article forty cartoon-style Disney pet portraits from Alessia Ciullo – an Italian digital artist. Or the article "Immerse Yourself In The Superb Ocean With 40 Incredible Photos In Finalist List Of Ocean Photography Awards" summarizes 40 photos about Marine life winning in the Year award winners announced in September 2022.

For those who love artists, Aubtu has posted many funny articles such as: "What 15+ Celebrities Would Look Like If We Changed Just One Feature of Theirs", "25 Times Celebrities Dressing Up As Other Celebrities For Halloween", "10 Actors Who Refused To Watch Their Movies And Their Reasons Might Shock You", etc.

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About the website: Aubtu is a website that updates news about entertainment, funny stories and animal facts. Aubtu's content is purely aimed at helping users enhance positive emotions and reduce negative emotions.

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