Relaunched NZB Friends Becomes Most Effective NZB Search Engine Online With Design Rethink

NZB search engine site takes unique approach to get one over on competition with newly redesigned interface to make locating appropriate files intuitive.

NZB Sites were designed to make sure that individuals could find the news they were looking for quickly by cutting through the cloud of information posted to Usenet. Usenet has so much information posted to it on a daily basis that it can be overwhelming for those needing specifics. By using a NZB Site or a Usenet search engine individuals can find what they need more readily, but not all NZB search engines are equal. NZBFriends is one of the most effective search engines for NZB files out there because it has taken a new spin on the old format to make it more readily accessible than ever.

Unlike most NBZ based sites, this one eschews the community orientation that can contribute to further muddying the waters when individuals require fast results without the need for interaction.

The site offers numerous features that other such search engines lack, and presents those options in a way that makes using them easy and intuitive to the extent that first time visitors can get to grips with the options and start successfully searching right away.

The search options allow users to reduce the number of results for a given search query by allowing them not just to sort results by name or keyword, by criteria, categories, age and size. Individual queries can also be made within individual Usenet Newsgroups, making it easier than ever to find specific kinds of files.

A spokesperson for NZBFriends explained, “NZBFriends aims to help searchers get the best out of the usenet network, which has been forgotten by many people in the popular consciousness but is still an invaluable resource for people with specific needs and queries. The NZB file format makes finding and downloading news information fast and easy, and the only disadvantage is the sheer volume of information there is to trawl through. With NZB friends we eliminate that weakness and guarantee easy, accurate results that connect people with the files they want in no time.”

About NZBFriends:
NZBFriends is a free search engine for binary files on the Usenet network. The engine has about 2000 newsgroups in its index and trawls these for binary attachments of articles posted to Usenet. The site offers search and download of NZB files with 1,200+ days retention. NZBFriends has features including an RSS feed for every newsgroup; advanced search by author, group, size & age, newsgroups browsing, secure surfing and more.

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