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RegTank, a one-stop compliance solution for fintechs, helps businesses to navigate compliance, security and risk management challenges in the most effective manner. We do this through our product, Protego.

RegTank, a one-stop compliance solution for fintechs, helps businesses to navigate compliance, security and risk management challenges in the most effective manner. We do this through our product, Protego.


The word Protego originates from Latin and means “to protect”. Here at RegTank, we aim to help automate your Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance processes with our full compliance suite, Protego, so that your business and users can be protected in a well-regulated manner. Protego is a proprietary RegTech offering that helps cryptocurrency institutions speed up the process of AML and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) whilst saving at least 30% of the cost.

RegTank’s Protego consists of 3 main functions, Know Your Customers (KYC), Know Your Transactions (KYT) and Know Your People (KYP). By integrating KYC and KYP coupled with RegTank’s KYP internal controls set-up, Protego serves as the ultimate compliance command centre with a streamlined set of policies and response controls. Institutions can now react agilely to the rapid-changing regulatory landscape with just a few clicks. Here’s how it works.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

At RegTank, we make use of KYC, so that you can better manage your KYC obligations such as risk assessment, screening, record keeping and ongoing due diligence in a single consolidated, user-friendly platform.

We do this through three simple steps: Customer Onboarding, KYC Screening and Ongoing Monitoring. Customer Onboarding makes use of an ID verification with a video onboarding option as well as instant face recognition and biometric analysis between ID documents and photos captured on electronic devices. Data Extraction and Validation is also utilised so that the relevant data points from User’s ID documents can be extracted by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

KYC Screening, on the other hand, makes use of AML/CFT screening and Risk Scoring. AML/CFT screening is the process in which information is loaded to RegTank’s database so that screening can be conducted to ensure that any sanctions etc. present can match in accordance with the requirements of regulators. Risk Scoring involves the process of combining screening results and basic information of users so that a risk score can be allocated to each user. This is also customisable to the companies’ scoring standards.

Ongoing Monitoring is a process of automated re-screening. Whilst ongoing monitoring could be laborious, it is a crucial step so as to reduce compliance blind spots and the need for future bulk remediation projects. To ensure the safety and reliability of users to meet compliance requirements, our system at RegTank allows clients to do rescreening according to the user's risk level. This function of rescreening is also highly customizable and automated.

Know Your Transaction (KYT)

KYT is a type monitoring platform and at RegTank, we offer real-time analysis to identify and report suspicious cryptocurrency transactions. We help you to manage your risk exposure to illegal activities by utilising advanced risk algorithms for transaction limits, laundering trends, and by layering heuristics and robust cryptocurrency addresses database.

RegTank uses a Real-Time Transaction Monitoring system, Risk Scoring & Reporting Platform and Fund Tracking & Investigation to complement our KYT monitoring platform. Our real-time transaction monitoring system introduces sophisticated machine learning methods that can alert exchange users about the high-risk activity patterns that are likely to require closer scrutiny. We also provide pre-defined rules & algorithms, data visualisation & analysis of historical transactions, and Application Programming Interface (API) integration to users.

Our Risk Scoring & Reporting Platform enables clients to add important indicators that contribute to a risk score. Companies can create risk-based rules that take into account the holistic view of their customer. Furthermore, RegTank offers workshops, architecture reviews and application development so that you are able to better determine what scoring or reporting customizations are needed.

Lastly, for Fund Tracking and Investigation, we help to track the fund source and fund destination of each user’s wallet. Once the user transfers in or out of the wallet with an address that matches suspicious addresses in our database, the system will immediately alert the exchange. Our solution can thus provide not only real-time warnings of suspicious trends but also accurately monitor risk addresses.

Know Your People (KYP)

KYP is an internal control set-up and reporting system. People can pose to be the weakest link when it comes to security, but by leveraging on our experience in the industry, our dedicated team can provide their assistance. We can assist in the proper set-up of reliable, robust and transparent internal controls to ensure that processes are functioning and to achieve organizational excellence, efficiency, and effectively and to prevent adverse risk incidents that could damage corporate credibility.

By making use of Internal Controls, Risk Management and Compliance Document Management, efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved. We help to design and monitor the efficacy of internal controls which are firmly ingrained and incorporated into everyday business operations. We ensure that systems can work safely and efficiently with designated checks.

Through Risk Management, we help to identify, evaluate, treat and monitor risks to help companies gain a competitive edge by improving operational and business performances. This is done through top-down and bottom-up risk identification approaches.

Last but not least, Compliance Document Management helps businesses to stay ahead. In addition, one can enable regional or departmental administrators to identify controls for their business part and document all processes before deployment.


RegTank offers a multitude of services to help businesses navigate compliance, security and risk management challenges in the most effective way possible. Our Product, Protego, helps to not only protect but fulfil your business needs through our three-pronged approach of KYC, KYT and KYP which work hand in hand together. By using Protego, you can help your business to save costs, raise accuracy, and increase efficiency.  

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