Reda Bedjaoui Attends the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai

The exhibition carved out space for burgeoning businesses to network with global investors who have capital and capacity building knowledge.

Along with renowned trade experts at Dubai’s Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), which highlights modern evolutions in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) industry, was international investment influencer Reda Bedjaoui. The conference focused on the means by which an investor from one country bypasses means such as stock exchanges and instead invests in a foreign business through a joint venture, merger, acquisition, direct purchase of shares, or establishing a wholly owned subsidiary. Reda Bedjaoui, the CEO of Redbed Investments LLE, noted that the AIM summit keyed in on two critical issues coming to the forefront of the FDI landscape, namely new forms of investment (NFI) and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in emerging markets. “NFIs include management contracts, franchising and licensing, as well as outsourcing,” he stated. “As discussed during the conference, public policymakers are competing to create business-friendly environments and provide incentives in order to attract investors in NFIs and FDIs that fuel job creation, exports, and technology development in other countries.” With so many nations rolling out welcome mats, investment opportunities can become muddied. In response, Bedjaoui and other leading edge investors are adopting new tools to monitor markets, identify trends, and create profitable strategies.

The conference’s focus on small- and medium-sized businesses grew out of recent UAE initiatives to promote young entrepreneurs in the region. The exhibition carved out space for burgeoning businesses to network with global investors who have capital and capacity building knowledge. According to Bedjaoui, “It was rewarding to witness AIM used as a platform to highlight SMEs and expose young innovators to potential financiers.”

Reda Bedjaoui welcomed the opportunity to hear presidents, prime ministers, and global business leaders discuss their strategies to attract foreign investments. “Clearly, the international community recognizes that FDIs can be an economic powerhouse, especially in developing nations,” he stated. “In addition to the direct monetary influx, host countries can benefit from the transfer of soft skills, access to resources for research and development, and improved corporate governance standards.” Bedjaoui found the Annual Investment Meeting to be incredibly beneficial, underscoring that his assessment of foreign investment trends was on point and giving him the opportunity to network with high-level representatives from government, academia, and the private sector.

In addition to being a thought leader on commodities trading, Reda Bedjaoui is a sought-after real estate investor and legal representation. Raised in Paris, France, Mr. Bedjaoui studied at Université de Montréal, where he was accorded a Bachelor in Law degree. He furthered his education at Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands, and then was admitted to the Bar of Quebec, Canada (Montreal Section) in 1995. He honed his practice of commercial law, corporate law, and international arbitration in positions at recognized law firms in both Montreal and Paris.

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