Red24 Management Increases Their Presenters And Voice-over Artists Catalog

Red24Management has increased their number of presenters and voice-over artists. Although they now have a much larger selection, they continue to focus on the quality of artists they have become known for. They are a middleman who make sure that both sides of the people in the entertainment industry only get the best.

Red24Management is proud to announce that they have recently added many new presenters and voice-over artists to their agency. They expect that when casting agents and those looking for people to book see this, they will be impressed with the selection of candidates. Indeed, Red24Management has seen a great increase in the number of bookings they have received.

“We want to make sure that our talent is recognized”, says Elena Croft, Head of Presenters at Red24Management. “We have a very strong focus on only signing the best of the best, thereby ensuring that we, as the middleman, have the best interest of both our booked members and our booking clients at heart.”

The company focuses on a range of media services. Besides presenters, they also book TV experts, actors, comedy acts and voice-over artists. A number of new talents have recently been added to their voice-over category and those who check this out will be very pleasantly surprised. Those who are searching for artists can immediately find out where someone's specific talent lies, such as authoritativeness or animation to name but a few.

“We want to be able to offer something that nobody else can”, stated Miles Pathirana, Head of Voices for Red24Management. “This is why we now also offer a huge range of foreign voices. Our clients can book people who speak in a foreign language, or those who have a specific accent from a foreign language.”

Those who are looking for an artist are encouraged to filter through the large amount of people Red4Management has on offer. Hence, they have provided ease search options, allowing others to filter according to name, gender, age, language and accent. Because voice-over artists are plentiful, this allows for much easier searching. At the same time, however, Red24Management wants to make it very clear that they may have many voice-over artists on their books and that their are still signing more people on, but that they only hire the best of the best when it comes to who they represent.

Red24Management is a company that believes in being a go-getter. This is reflected in the color “red”, found both in the name of the company and their corporate colors. Additionally, they want to be there for those they have booked and those who are looking for people to book around the clock, which is what is referred to by the 24 in their name. The most important thing to them, however, is that focuses on quality over quantity. They use stringent selection processes before agreeing to represent anybody, as they want to make sure that their clients know that they will only get the back. The media industry remains cut throat, and high expectations are placed on companies like Red24Management

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