Launches Lowest price Guarantee for Clearing convictions Service

Los Angeles Record Expungement specializes in clearing criminal convictions and misdemeanors on behalf of Californians and they have just launched a lowest price and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Convictions can be life-changing. Not only because of the grave nature of the event that resulted in them but because of the legacy a criminal record can leave people with, including being made ineligible for jobs and other opportunities because of the transgressions of the past. Those who have truly atoned for their wrongdoings can apply for record expungement, and Los Angeles Record Expungement have California’s best track record in appealing on behalf of clients to have convictions cleared, thanks to their thorough processing and aggressive strategy once everything is in place. They have now launched both a 100% money back guarantee and a lowest price guarantee to give potential customers 100% peace of mind.

The company offers a six question test to allow people to self-assess whether they may be able to expunge their conviction, explaining that only state convictions can be expunged, only convictions that did not result in prison, only those who completed probation, satisfied the requirements of their sentence, and not currently charged with other offenses. Fulfilling these criteria can mean that individuals can take the first steps to removing a criminal history from their records.

The company then offers the best service available in moving toward expungement, pursuing an aggressive course that sees convictions changed to a dismissal, which allows individuals to once again live a life free of a criminal record.

A spokesperson for Record Expungement explained, “We help people who have a criminal record that is interfering with obtaining a specific job or harming their career. Contacting us is the first step in finding out how to remove criminal records. Our record expungement costs are not only well priced but our team is aggressive in doing our best in helping people erase a part of their life that is often no longer relevant yet is affecting their future. Our service allows people to honestly answer no when asked if they have any previous convictions, opening up jobs, visas and opportunities previously unavailable to them. With our new money back guarantee and lowest price promise there is no reason for people not to give our service a try.”

About Record Expungement: Record Expungmenet is a Los Angeles based firm specializing in expunging criminal convictions from the Californian legal system. The company offer up front information on what circumstances can successfully lead to conviction expungement and will fight on behalf of clients to ensure they get a favorable result.

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